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Castello di Ragogna

The upper castle at St. Peter of Ragogna

About this place

In the hamlet of St. Peter, atop a rise, towers the recently renovated Ragogna Castle, which can be visited. The original castle probably dates back to the 6th century, but it has had a troubled history and has been subjected to numerous pillages, a fire, and 2 earthquakes. Thanks to massive renovations, the castle has been restored to its former glory. The fortification can be visited free of charge and many events are organized there including exhibitions, concerts, theater performances and wine and food tastings.

Why visit it


Restructured historic place

Renovation of the castle began in the 1990s and was completed in 2002. Since that day, the castle can be visited and hosts various events.


Free admission

Visiting the castle is very easy thanks to the free admission, the opening every weekend, and the clear and comprehensive signage along the way.


Panorama over the cutting edge

From the terraces of the castle there is a splendid view of the Friulian plain and the Tagliamento River.

A history of achievement and advocacy

The fortified complex was erected in the 6th century to defend the road to Noricum and has a long history of conquest. Over the ages it passed from dominion to dominion, from Roman to Lombard to feudalism and the Patriarchate of Aquileia. In the 15th century it passed to the Venetian Republic, and later to the Counts of Porcia. Following an earthquake and fire it was destroyed and abandoned until it was donated to the municipality of Ragogna.


The upper castle has recently been renovated, and its residential domus, inner courtyard, storerooms, cellars and kitchens with the old oven can be admired.


The lower castle is on private property and cannot be visited.

The route and visitable areas

The thematic itinerary begins at St. Peter’s Parish Church with its bell tower and cemetery. Following the visual aids, one encounters the first city wall, the remains of the two towers, the north gate, the keep, the halls and kitchens with the ancient oven, the well, the patrol walkways, and the projecting defensive apparatus with loopholes for crossbowmen and holes for dropping stones or burning materials against enemies.

The panoramic view

Ragogna Castle dominated the neuralgic route to Noricum, and to this day the view is unparalleled. From the terraces it is possible to see Forgaria, Vito d’Asio, Cornino, Gemona, Mount Pala, and the Osoppo blockhouse, among many other localities. A curiosity: in the attic of the tower, a webcam is installed that films and transmits the Tagliamento River in real time.

Services, tours and events


Ragogna Castle is accessible free of charge and without reservation every Saturday and Sunday, from 2 to 6:30 p.m., from the beginning of May to the end of October. During Open Castles, twice a year, 1-hour guided tours are organized at a cost of 8 euros.

For a more structured visit, we also recommend visiting Pieve di San Pietro, which is part of the complex; it contains a 13th-century fresco cycle and the apse with the 11th-century baptismal font.


The castle is used for exhibitions and events, concerts and theater performances. In the Keep tower, you can visit the permanent exhibition dedicated to the Tagliamento River.

Getting there


The Castle can be reached by car and has convenient and ample free parking. A short walk uphill leads to the entrance of the walls. From the climb you have the best view of the entire fortified complex.

Contact the castle

Through this section you can contact Ragogna Castle directly. Explorer FVG does not handle responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

For information:

Castello di Ragogna
Via Castello, 1,
33030 Ragogna UD

Consulta del Volontariato Ragogna Aiuta Ragogna APS
Via Generale C.A. Dalla Chiesa,n.1/B, 33030 Ragogna (UD)

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