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Ara Pacis Mundi

Memorial Monument

About this place

On Medea Hill stands a monumental work, the Ara Pacis Mundi, magnificent and imposing with its 1,500-square-meter structure. The work was created in the early 1950s in memory of the fallen of all wars and to bring a message of peace, in the hope that the events that occurred during the tragic and recent world event could never happen again.

The actual altar is in the center, surrounded by a colossal marble enclosure. Inside is an urn containing clods of earth from more than 800 war cemeteries scattered around the world and some ampoules of water taken from maritime areas where ships were sunk during conflicts.

Why visit


Imposing and unexpected

The Ara Pacis Mundi, a building dedicated to the peace of all peoples, turns out grand. Visitors study it with wonder because the travertine marble structure that stands on Medea Hill is cyclopean.



“Odium parit mortem, vitam progignit amor,”“Hate produces death, love begets life” is the phrase engraved on the urn kept in the Altar. The urn contains clods of earth collected from 800 war cemeteries around the world and symbolizes the memory of the fallen.


It can be reached by car

Choosing a nice sunny day, the macaw can be visited in about half an hour. The monument is conveniently accessible by car and can be a detour during a Sunday outing or a cultural stop before lunch.

Getting there

The Ara Pacis Mundi is located halfway between Gorizia and Palmanova. From the town of Medea proceed west on SP6 and turn right at the Ascent to Ara Pacis. From the parking area there is direct access to the monument.

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