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Il Castello di Spessa

The charm of Casanova

About this place

Spessa Castle stands among the fairy-tale vineyards of Collio in Capriva del Friuli. In addition to the castle itself, the estate includes a park, several restaurants, apartments, a spa, and a golf club. The castle has its own vineyards, from which it produces its wine, which can be purchased or tasted on the guided tours that are organized regularly.

Why visit it


The collio landscape

The Collio landscape represents one of the most fascinating areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The castle is located right in the middle of this magical area, amid harmonious hills, fine vineyards, and a view of the Julian Pre-Alps on the horizon.


The interior of the castle

The atmosphere of country life echoes in the spaces as does the courtly culture, evoking titles of nobility, feasts amid dancing and banquets, and good wine.


Medieval wine cellars

In 1987, during some renovation work, the bunker came to light and it was immediately evident that its temperature and humidity level created ideal conditions for aging wine.

The castle among the vineyards

Spessa Castle is located in a beautiful area of Friuli Venezia Giulia, among vineyards of fine grapes and rolling hills. The earliest clues and evidence of its existence date back to the 1200s, although there are traces of garrisoning the place dating back to Roman times and the Longobard period. The castle has not always presented itself as it appears in the present day. Its history is not easy to reconstruct, numerous families have settled over the years, and there have been several reconstruction and restoration works. The last renovation, which persists to the present day, is from the early twentieth century, and saw as its founding intervention  the rebuilding of the iconic crenellated tower.


Collio is a special and fascinating area of Friuli Venezia Giulia included between the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea, more precisely between the rivers Isonzo and Judrio, and close to the border with Slovenia. In terms of landscape, it is a hilly area dotted with villages and rich in vineyards from which some of the region’s most prestigious wines are produced. A perfect itinerary for lovers of slow food and wine destinations and outdoor activities such as cycling.


The castle provides guests with numerous hospitality, slow food, sports and sightseeing services. Major services and facilities include:

  • Golf Club;
  • The Spa;
  • 2 restaurants, 1 bar;
  • Rooms and apartments;
  • Wine tastings;
  • Guided tours of wineries.

The interior of the castle

Spessa Castle has a long history of ownership. Since the 1200s, numerous lineages have inhabited it for longer or shorter periods. For this reason, as for others related to intervening historical events, the castle has been the scene of many renovations but also of demolitions. In fact, even the secret bunker has only been discovered for 30 years. For this reason, the interior architecture, design, and furnishings are not the original ones but were designed ad hoc to represent the era. The atmosphere of country life echoes in the spaces as does the courtly culture, evoking titles of nobility, feasts amid dancing and banquets, and good wine.

Visit to medieval wine cellars

During World War II, a secret bunker was dug under the Castle. The bunker, located 18 meters (60 feet) below the medieval cellars, had a secret exit to the park at the time. In 1987, during some renovation work, the bunker came to light and it was immediately evident that its temperature and humidity level created ideal conditions for aging wine. As a result, the bunker was connected to the cellars by a staircase and was used for the aging of fine wines from its own production.

The story of casanova

The famous lover Giacomo Casanova, on his travels among courts and salons, was a guest of the estate in September 1773 and recounted his stay in Histoire de ma Vie, his most famous work. Casanova was invited by the owner of the estate, Count Luigi della Torre Valsassina, and stayed in Spessa for about two months to complete one of his literary works.

Country life on the estate flowed slowly between working on his writings and the pleasures of idleness and good food. Casanova, in fact, mentions in his work the excellent wine that was produced on the estate.

This life also became somewhat boring to the adventurer and seducer who found delight in courting a young woman in the count’s service. Many clandestine meetings ensued, but they ended with an unhappy episode. In fact, the count himself had previously attempted approaches to the young woman but she had not reciprocated.

When the tenant found out about the affair, furious, he pounced on the woman. Casanova defended her but, because of the count’s misbehavior, which had already proven rude on other occasions, he left the estate in a great hurry.

The tour of the park

The tour of the park surrounding the castle is certainly very beautiful. The park is rich in vegetation and, especially in spring, enchants visitors. The walk in the park also has a romantic side. Through a pathway composed of sequential plaques, you can read about Giacomo Casanova’s adventures at Spessa Castle, reported in his own words.

Getting there

Follow the signs for Capriva del Friuli (GO). When you arrive nearby you will find signs for the Castle, which you can already see from the main road. At the estate, a large parking lot allows for easy parking.


Not all areas of the estate can be visited freely. In the castle, some rooms are opened only for events, such as weddings or other ceremonies. The chapel is closed but can be opened upon request, and the cellars, for obvious reasons, can only be visited through guided tours. The garden, however, is worth a visit, and in warm weather it can become a relaxing oasis.

We absolutely recommend the warm season. Collio’s hilly landscape carpeted with vineyards has its heyday when it is lush. In addition, the estate has a beautiful garden that offers added value to the visit and is extremely well-kept and verdant in spring and during summer.

Spessa Castle is also well known for its golf courses. Golfers often stay at the hotel for a sports/cultural stay combined with good food. The Vinum SPA offers clients relaxation itineraries that reference grapes and wine, all nestled among the vineyard-covered hillsides.

Contact Spessa Castle

Info and reservations

Through this section you can contact Spessa Castle directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, reservations for tastings, overnight stays, and other information. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Spessa Castle Address:
Spessa Street, 1
34070 Capriva del Friuli (GO)

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