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Lago di Ragogna

A quiet place for families and sportsmen

About this place

Do you want to visit San Daniele or the Ragogna area? Jogging or cycling in a quiet place away from traffic? Birdwatching or fishing? Or are you simply looking for a relaxing place for a nice picnic? Lake Ragogna is suitable for all these things and allows for recreation with multiple activities. The atmosphere you will find is very relaxing, the lake is dressed in different colors in each season, and the environment changes from melancholy to brilliant,  from solemn to lively. In the winter time its appearance changes again because, every year, the lake freezes and the light reflects on it with a thousand facets.

Why visit it



Walking on the shores of Ragogna Lake means emptying your mind by looking at the water and observing the life of the rich lake fauna here. A time carved out for oneself, a romantic retreat or an oasis for family moments.



There are many inhabitants in this lake, aquatic, terrestrial and especially birds. From both the bank and the observation tower, the habits of herons, strolagas and the many other species can be studied.


Ideal for sports

Lake Ragogna is a great place for biking, running or speed-walking. The route around the lake is about 4 km on a bicycle and pedestrian path in the countryside, safe and away from traffic.

Among fauna, flora and history

The marsh area of Ragogna Lake is rich in biodiversity. The lake and the wooden turret make it possible, especially during migratory periods, to observe the many species of birds that inhabit this place, while, on the shores, thousands of dragonflies can be seen hovering, whose species account for 41 percent of those surveyed in Italy. Carp fishermen come from different areas, even across the border, and the flora is no less. Among other species, it is very evocative to look at the water decorated by so many water lilies in spring and summer.

The lake has not only scenic value but also historical value. An agricultural community had settled on its banks in 5,000 B.C., of which important evidence has been found.

Dulcis in fundo, along the loop trail, are the “gjave of Kric,” an old abandoned quarry, and an 18th-century Israelite cemetery, still in use today.

The turret and bird-watching

From the south side of the lake rises a recently built wooden observation platform. The turret is accessible to all, safe and suitable even for children who will be able to enthusiastically observe the movements of marsh wildlife. The watchtower allows you to study the many species of birds that inhabit the lake. These are mostly migratory species, such as mallard, coot, grebe and many others. For this very reason, the best times to enjoy this experience are those related to wintering migration, as Lake Ragogna is a stopping point in the seasonal routes.

The route of the 10,000 steps

The 4.3-kilometer loop around Ragogna Lake is one of 59 routes, crossing 70 municipalities, of the projectFriuli Venezia Giulia in Motion. 10 thousand steps of health,” which aims to promote health and outdoor life through the enhancement of routes of cultural, historical or natural interest.
The trail follows a natural road through the Friulian countryside. The lake is not visible all the way along the trail, but there are only glimpses of it in some sections. The walk takes less than an hour on sunny or shady parts of the grove, passing an abandoned quarry and an Israelite cemetery, as well as the observation tower and picnic benches.

The heart of Ragogna

Looking up at the Muris mountain, one immediately notices a message of peace and love, aimed especially at young people, designed and made on a lawn by a retired former cook, Renato De Biasio, who wants to make it clear to those who look at it that in everything you do you have to put your heart into it.

getting there and parking

From San Daniele, follow the signs for Gemona del Friuli. After a couple of kilometers, turn left, as per the signs.

Parking does not present problems as there are 2 parking lots, one in front of the lake, pertaining to the municipality of Ragogna, the other, not far away, pertaining to the municipality of San Daniele.


Lake Ragogna is not swimmable, both because of the many species of birds that dwell there and the thick vegetation on the bottom.

The lake’s wide variety of fish gratifies many anglers, and carp-fishing draws enthusiasts from many areas, including across the border.

Especially in the summertime, the coolness of the hilly area makes this lake ideal for a nice picnic on the tables and benches with which it has been equipped.

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