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Lago del Predil

Crystal clear water among the forts of the Great War

About this place

Lake Predil, or Lake Raibl, is a natural basin of glacial origin located in the municipality of Tarvisio, in northeastern Friuli Venezia Giulia, in a beautiful area dominated by mountains and valleys, forests and meadows, lakes and waterfalls. This lake is swimmable and, in the summer season, attracts many tourists, drawn by the beauty of the area and the coolness of the mountains. Despite this, the lake does not prove to be a crowded place, the environment is peaceful and the peace of being in the midst of nature is preserved. Lake Predil is also an enchanted place in winter, when a blanket of snow covers the entire Tarvisio area, which is also famous for skiing, and the shores of the lake, from which many forest trails, favored by snowshoers, start.

Why visit it


The surrounding nature

In the Tarvisio area, nature reigns supreme. The Tarvisio Forest is a magnificent forest, green and wild, populated by a wide variety of animal species. The mountainous area is washed by a multitude of crystal-clear pools, streams and waterfalls and interspersed with green valleys and lush meadows.


Ideal for bathing

The clear blue water of this lake entices every visitor to dive in, and although cold, it allows bathing and various water sports, as well as fishing. The lake has many small beaches that allow you to warm up in the sun after an icy swim.


Well equipped

Lake Predil has a bathing establishment also equipped for sports boating; sailboats, rowboats, pedal boats and kayaks can be rented. In addition, there is a windsurfing school and inflatable boats and slides for children. For those who just want to relax, deck chairs and umbrellas can be rented.

What to do at Lake Predil


Lake Predil is swimmable, and the more daring can dive into its cold waters for a nice swim. For those who just want to relax, there are many small beaches on the shores and the possibility of renting deck chairs and umbrellas.


Numerous trails start from the lake that can be used both in summer and winter with snowshoes. The best known skirts the lake, passes through woods and a waterfall, descends a scree and finally leads to the village of  Cave del Predil. The trail is suitable for everyone and takes about 2 1/2 hours.


The lake area is clean and well equipped, and you can enjoy a nice picnic on the shores or have lunch at one of the two cafes or the restaurant. Also just 10 km away is the town of Tarvisio, full of bars, pubs and taverns.


The nautical centers that rent umbrellas, boats and water sports equipment and the windsurfing school are currently closed pending renewal of the concession. Hopefully, they can reopen this year or in the following season.


The forts and bunkers near the lake

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a borderland rich in history, and the remains of several Great War fortifications can be found in the vicinity of the lake. Among the Austro-Hungarian battery barrages, it is interesting to visit the Predil Lake fort and the Aibl Gorge fort. The facilities are freely walkable and one can follow the tunnels and walkways, visit the food and ammunition stores, kitchens, and guard posts.

Getting there and parking

From Tarvisio follow the signs for Cave del Predil and Sella Nevea. When you arrive at the lake, you will find two parking lots, a larger one at the “Chalet Al Lago” and one a little further on, near the little house on the lake.

Parking is free of charge.


Yes, the water is very cold, but the more intrepid can still take a refreshing dip in it as the lake is swimmable. The more cold-hearted can lie and sunbathe on its banks.

Lake Predil is located just 10 kilometers south of Tarvisio. The perfect distance to travel to the lake from the city or vice versa.

There are no hotels in the lake area, but a few Airbnb’s can be found in Cave del Predil. In any case, due to its proximity to the city of Tarvisio, a destination for many tourists, the range of accommodation and other services proves to be much wider.

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