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Lago di Sauris

Blue as the sky

About this place

How to describe Lake Sauris? The perfect answer is“73 million cubic meters of blue.” This is the volume of water contained in the Sauris Reservoir. The lake was created by man through the damming of the Lumiei stream, but the color of its waters and the picture-postcard landscape are the work of nature. The classic lakeside walk is not possible here as the shores are very steep, but access to the lake is allowed and a variety of water activities can be carried out there. In addition, the village of Sauris is beautiful and extremely quaint; the renowned ham is delicious, as is the craft beer; the hospitality of the inhabitants is gentle and impeccable.

Why visit it


Postcard landscape

The forests and peaks reflected in the lake’s placid blue waters create an enchanted landscape. Upon exiting the last tunnel, the unexpected view of the lake leaves the observer speechless.


The dam

The stunning domed dam is passable either by car or on foot. The view of the lake from above is magnificent, but in addition to the panoramic beauty, the dam stimulates wonder in the observer with respect to the grandeur of the work itself.


The village of Sauris

Sauris is a wonderful village with distinctive features and a unique dialect. The remote location of the hamlet has allowed the maintenance of authentic traditions in a unique and special place that is cozy and cared for.

The walk on the dam

In 1948, when construction was completed, the Sauris dam was the second largest in Europe. As you travel along it on foot or by car, you follow the gentle curves of the lake and discover fantastic views. Moreover, the beauty of the domed structure and the view from its high sheer walls arouse admiration compared to the engineering scope of the work. To understand this, one only has to think that it is the work of engineer Carlo Semenza, the same man who designed the Vajont dam.

The zipper line on the lake


To admire the lake with a different perspective and a breathtaking view, one can try the Sauris Zipline, which in 2.5 km of very high-speed flight allows for a mind-blowing and dizzying experience. The Zipline consists of three segments and allows you to fly over the ridge of Mt. Ruke in the first section, skim the treetops in the second, and soar above the lake in the third.


The Zipline operates from early June to late October on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The schedule is subject to change; it is recommended that you call to verify the actual opening.


The ticket price is 77 euros per person; 74 for groups over 8 people.

getting there and parking

Lake Sauris can be reached from several places:

  • From the A23 Udine-Tarvisio highway, exit Carnia Tolmezzo;
  • from Cadore via the Mauria Pass leading to Ampezzo, a road that may be closed at times;
  • from Vigo Laggio di Cadore or from Val Pesarina, via Casera Razzo, only in the summer period.

To visit the dam, you can stop after exiting the tunnel near the roadside crowning. Space is tight and can fit 2/3 cars at most.
There are 2 entrances to the lake, the recommended one being at La Maina near the Zea trout outlet.


There are no rest areas near the lake, but there is a campground in Sauris with about 70 sites.

Lake Sauris is swimmable and you can do water activities such as canoeing, windsurfing, SUP and many others. Fishing is also allowed.

The lake and dam are about 10 minutes from Sauris di Sotto and 20 minutes from Sauris di Sopra.

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