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Lago di Verzegnis

Wild and little known

About this place

Lake Verzegnis is a small reservoir, only a kilometer and a half long. The lake was created in the 1950s by damming the Ambiesta Stream, whose waters were collected by a massive dam that can be crossed by walking the loop trail around the lake

The path is easy but the area is not maintained regularly and the appearance is rather “wild.” For the same reason, there are no rest areas along the route. The lake is not swimmable, but its calm waters make it possible to fish or enjoy walks or picnics on its shores.

Why visit it



The quiet environment of the lake allows visitors to find themselves immersed in nature, walk or fish, or organize a nice picnic with a lake view.


Great for hiking

The loop trail is varied and allows views of the lake from different angles; the path skirts the shores in some sections, and penetrates into the bush in others.


The Verzegnis Dam

The path around the lake allows you to cross the dam by walking along the crowning or to admire it from above thanks to a viewpoint not far away.

Adventurous excursion

The path around the lake

The walk around the lake is very picturesque and quite adventurous. In fact, the lake over the years has remained quite wild: the trail,
about 3 km long, is easy but bumpy in places
and there are a few passages over concrete bridges that are best not tackled in the rain.

The trail is varied and interesting but, unfortunately, the views of the lake are not enhanced by the presence of rest or refreshment areas.


From the parking lot, cross the bridge ahead and stop to take a photograph of Mt. Amariana, which, on fine days, is perfectly reflected in the waters of the lake. After the bridge, there are small beaches on the right, and the loop trail begins on the left. Taking it in, after a short while you come across a small island that, when the waters are shallow, you can safely reach.


The trail continues in sections on the lake shores, in sections in the bush, and leads to the dam. Just before the dam you can take a
small detour that, in 15 minutes, leads to a viewpoint
from which to admire the dam from above.


Returning to the main trail, you cross the dam by walking on its crowning. At this point, the second part of the trail begins, leading back to the parking lot, also crossing 2 adventurous concrete bridges.
: after the dam, the sign is wrong and indicates the opposite direction to the one to follow.

The Verzegnis Dam


This superb dam was built in the 1950s, damming the Ambiesta stream, to convey water to the Somplago hydroelectric power plant. The dam is 60 m high and 140 m wide.


Taking the path around Verzegnis Lake, you can cross it by walking along its crowning. Alternatively, it can be reached by car, again following the lake tour route.


Walking counterclockwise from the bridge toward the dam, just before meeting it, there is a detour that, in 15 minutes, leads to the viewpoint. From here, you can admire the dam in all its majesty.

getting there and parking

Lake Verzegnis is about a 20-minute drive from the Carnia-Tolmezzo highway exit.

Follow the signs to the free parking lot where you can park without difficulty. If you continue keeping the banks to your right you can also park further ahead near the dam. 


No, the lake is not swimmable, however, about halfway down you will ford a stream; there, you can stop to soak your feet and enjoy the coolness of the place.

No, there are no rest areas or restrooms.

The tour of the lake is easy however, one must consider that the trail is unpaved and, in some places, uneven, and there are slightly exposed sections with no handrails. In addition, the area is not maintained and is somewhat overgrown with vegetation, especially in the second part.

Contact the Tolmezzo tourist office

If you have any questions or concerns about the lake, its activities and services, please contact the Tolmezzo tourist office directly. Remember that with this form you will contact the tourism office directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary, does not handle responses, and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Tolmezzo Tourist Office
Via della Vittoria, 4 – 33028 Tolmezzo (UD)

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