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Malga Confin

Where man and nature meet

About this place

Malga Confin rises on the border of the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park, in an unspoiled environment, where man meets nature and, for the time of the mountain pasture, lives with it, respecting it and leaving no indelible signs of his passage. The malga is beloved for precisely these reasons: the tranquility of this unaltered place, the life in nature, the times dictated by the rising and setting of the sun and the rhythms of the animals.

The environment is perfectly organized, the managers are friendly and welcoming, and they enchant visitors with their stories and their love for this land. At Malga Confin there is the possibility of stopping for the night to quietly explore the area, which is rich in trails. Even those who stay only for lunch, looking around, discover a unique and wild place.

Why visit


Alpine products

Those who want to taste genuine food, produced with slow and traditional techniques typical of the past, and with all-natural raw materials, should taste or buy butter, cottage cheese, yogurt or cheese from this alpine pasture. If you happen to be at the right time you might see freshly milked milk, the color will amaze you.



At malga Confin you go not only to eat, but to encounter nature. And the encounter takes place first of all with the animals, which are not only the grazing animals. In fact, in this pristine place, chamois, roe deer, marmots, and eagles can be observed and, in the mating season, you can listen spellbound to the roaring of deer.



Gabri and Ennio’s shared passion for nature and rural life led to the birth of this alpine hut. The memory, in those who listen to their stories, will remain indelible because with their words they convey a love of nature and enchant with their descriptions of the life that lurks in forests and valleys.


The malga is located above Venzone, surrounded by forests and grasslands, bordering the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park. The area is verdant and pristine, you can watch cows climb the gentle slopes and then return to the pasture; follow animal tracks and try to identify them; hike the countless trails. Dining outside the alpine hut, one finds oneself immersed in a bucolic setting where the only noises are the rustling of trees and the chirping of birds, interrupted occasionally by the bellowing or pealing of cattle.

Itineraries and routes

Malga Confin is surrounded by a multitude of trails of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty, suitable for experienced hikers or beginners. One of the best known is the summit of Mount Plauris at 1958 m, the highest peak in the Julian Pre-Alps.

It is advisable to contact the managers, who are expert connoisseurs of the area, for information on the feasibility and difficulties that may be encountered on the different routes.

Mountain bikers/e-bikers should note that Malga Confin can also be reached by bicycle.


The malga includes a farmhouse equipped with outdoor seating in the quiet valley and indoor seating for cooler days. The dishes are typical and the products are local or from the alpine pasture. Dairy products also can be purchased, and after tasting them at the table, it is impossible to leave without taking a cheese, cottage cheese or a jar of yogurt with you.

Malga Confin also offers overnight accommodation with 10 beds divided into two rooms. Shower and toilet facilities are shared.

Activities and events

This alpine hut counts countless activities and events, especially aimed at younger people, through educational and social farm projects, short stays in tents for children from summer centers, trips in the area, activities with horses and whatnot. The managers try to convey their love of nature to children and young people by creating immersive moments in which young people can experience caring for animals, working in the dairy, and coming into contact with the environment around them, learning to respect and protect it.

Opening period

Malga Confin is open only during the alpine grazing period, roughly from late June to mid-September. The malga does not accept reservations for lunch; instead, it is necessary to contact the managers to make overnight or dinner reservations.


Animals, cows and dairy products

The pasture houses about fifty cows and several calves, some horses, a small dog and a dwarf goat who enjoys playing with the cows. Facing this bucolic world is special. The animals graze in this unspoiled valley and, accustomed to the presence of humans, make it possible to enjoy a unique experience and follow them in their habits and different phases of the day.

In fact, the herdsmen allow visitors to interact with the animals and to be able to observe even such an intimate moment as milking. It is beautiful to see the cows neatly reach the barn and prepare to be milked, and it is equally exciting to see them come out to lie in the sun to rest.

This cycle continues with the
milk processing
, which is done the old-fashioned way, using machinery that can process the product without altering it and that is environmentally friendly. Malga Confin, in fact, is very eco-conscious and, through great attention to managing waste and not producing waste, has a very low environmental impact.

All this gives a way to derive quality and wholesome products.
Milk, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt and cheese
are delicious.

Approach and parking

The refuge can be reached from Venzone via a long paved road that has countless sharp turns and is very narrow, so much so that it Do not allow two cars to pass at the same time in the opposite direction. Because of this, the ascent/descent is challenging, whenever an oncoming vehicle is crossed, it is necessary for one of the two vehicles to proceed in reverse until it finds some roadside clearing to allow the other to pass. The road also has
many speed bumps
and is recommended for vehicles that are somewhat tall.

In conclusion, the road is safe but one must arm oneself with patience and be skillful in driving.

Parking is easy and there are several stalls right in front of the hut or along the road.
The refuge can also be reached
by mtb/e-bike or on foot
through the CAI 705a trail.


It is difficult to recommend a dish because they are all very good and homemade, however, we definitely recommend the dairy products made from alpine milk. So why not indulge in gnocchi with smoked ricotta, a plate of frico and a yogurt parfait?

Malga Confin is an ideal place to see the stars. Due to its location away from the city and all light sources, the night sky shines only with the light of the stars. Where else can you look up and count shooting stars?

On Google Maps, in addition to appearing Malga Confin in Venzone, the agritourism “Al Tulin” in Montenars is marked with the same name. Actually, this is a mistake, caused by the fact that the owners of the alpine hut also own the Montenars farmhouse.

Contact Malga Confin

Through this section you can contact Malga Confin directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Malga Confin
Pragiel Street,
33010 Venzone UD

Manager: Ennio and Gabri Colomba

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