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Malga Lavareit

The balcony over the Carnic Alps

About this place

Malga Lavareit is located at 1470 m, nestled in the green mountains on the slopes of Mt. Terzo. It is one of the best destinations for those seeking an oasis of serenity, easy to reach but without compromising on the beauty of the landscape. The malga includes a farmhouse, some rooms for overnight guests, the dairy and the barn where dairy cows and goats are raised.

Why visit


malga yogurt

We were particularly impressed by the taste of the yogurt made from the milk of their cows. The taste is so good and genuine that we wonder what kind of yogurt we had been eating up to such a moment. The cottage cheese is also excellent.


The panoramic terrace

The pleasure of the mountains is also the view, and from this point of view the Lavareit malga hits the center. The large terrace is an ideal place to view the Carnic and Austrian Alps while enjoying local cuisine.


Easy to reach

The malga does not have a large parking lot, but in less crowded periods it can be reached by car via the forest road from Cleulis. Alternatively, you can park further downstream and walk about 1h 45 min through the lush forest.

Landscape and trails

The malga boasts a privileged panoramic position as it allows views of the Carnic Alps. You will be able to see Mount Coglians, Pal Piccolo and Pal Grande, as well as the Monte Croce Carnico Pass. On fine days it is also possible to catch a glimpse of malga Pramosio and the Marinelli refuge.

From the malga, you can follow a path where you will meet many friendly goats that will approach you. Still pay some attention to the goat! The route is not looped but still allows for stretching of the legs and digestion after the food stop at the malgahouse.

Other trails:

  • CAI footpath 155: Lower Monte Terzo cheese factory
  • CAI trail 175: Chiaula Grande cheese factory


The malga has a farmhouse where traditional cuisine can be enjoyed. Among the various dishes you will find cjarsons with melted butter and smoked ricotta, pappardelle with venison ragout, venison with polenta, frico, or a selection of cold cuts and cheeses. It is possible to stay overnight in a dormitory with bunk beds or in single rooms. Due to the limited availability of private rooms, it is highly advisable to make reservations in advance.

Opening period

The opening period is roughly from June to September but varies every year, so we recommend that you check days and times (sometimes dinner is by reservation only) before you go.

Sculptures in the woods

Along the road to the malga, you can admire wonderful wood carvings. The sculptures were made by Daniel Puntel, an administrative employee, during the first lockdown of 2020 from tree trunks felled during the severe 2018 storm. The effect is very pleasant, and these works accompany and entertain the hiker on the last few miles of winding dirt road through the forest. The different subjects  represent local wildlife, Carnic cuisine and other everyday objects.

Getting there

When you reach Cleulis (from Paluzza), take via Aip and go up the road until you find the first signs for Malga Lavareit.

The malga can be reached directly by car although its small size makes its availability for tourist use rather limited. The main, more commonly used parking lot is about 5 kilometers from the malga and can be walked in about 1 hour and 45 minutes of leisurely walking. If you want to try your luck and try to get a little closer, you can drive on by looking for secondary parking spots along the first stretch of road.


The name originates from the word “La’Vare” meaning “Rock.”

The author of these sculptures is Daniel Puntel. One would naturally think he is a carpenter or a sculptor, but he is an administrative employee working in Tolmezzo.

Yes, the malga provides a dormitory or 1-2 private rooms. If you want a private room, it is highly advisable to book in advance.

Contact malga Lavareit

Through this section you can contact malga Lavareit directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Malga Lavareit
Via Aip
33026 Timau (UD)

Manager: Unfer Albano

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