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Malga Zermula

A terrace above Paularo

About this place

Malga Zermula is an easy-to-access casera by car or on foot, accessible to all and with options for refreshments or overnight stays. The malga stands on a beautiful, scenic plateau, which is in the sun beat until sunset. The view is of Paularo and the surrounding valleys and forests. Malga Zermula is the perfect place to relax, enjoy nature, the meadows, grazing cows and to taste the dairy products that are lovingly processed by the family that runs this quiet place.

Why visit


The ideal stop

This malga has a farmhouse with a variety of local products prepared on the day and an outlet for cheese, cottage cheese and cured meats. Being close to the village, it is an ideal stop for breakfast, stopping for lunch or buying dairy products. In addition, it is possible to have cold dishes prepared in biodegradable trays for trekking to Mt. Zermula or having lunch lying on nearby meadows.


Bunkers and history

From the alpine malga, passing the pastures, you reach the forest and, through several paths, you can discover the fortifications, trenches and entrances to the bunkers of the First World War. In addition, you can follow the Great War Route that passes through various points of interest, tunnels, observatories, engravings and reaches, at the top of Mount Zermula, the summit cross.


Things to do

From the malga, you can explore the surrounding areas, walking through the meadows and watching cows, bulls and calves grazing, continue on the forest trails and approach the nearby bunkers from the 14/18 war. The malga is also a prime starting point for hiking to the summit of Mount Zermula.


The malga rises in Val Chiarsò, or Val d’Incarojo, on a green grassy plateau in the sun beat. The view sweeps over the valley, Paularo and the forests. The casera is surrounded by meadows on which cows, donkeys and baby goats graze. The valley is quiet, but the herdsmen are hard at work next to the agrotourism refreshment, in the dairy, from which the scents of milk processing come out.

Itineraries and routes

From the malga, several trails lead to places of natural, scenic/hiking and historical interest:

  • Stroll on the verdant meadows, where you can indulge in a break and a snack, and walk in the surrounding area to contemplate nature and the beautiful view from this natural terrace over the valleys.
  • Top of Mount Zermula (2143 m a.s.l.).
  • Itineraries of the Great War.


The malga has an agritourism with overnight accommodations and a commissary where fresh daily dairy products and cured meats can be purchased.

Opening period

The malga is open only in the summer period, roughly from June to the end of October. For more information contact the malga directly.

Historical routes and itineraries

From malga Zermula, about half an hour away, you can find some remains of World War I, traces of fortifications and entrances to underground bunkers hidden in the woods beyond the pastures.

In addition, the more experienced will be able to tackle theGreat War Route that reaches the top of Mount Zermula via the Trench Route, just below the ridge. Two tunnels can be explored at this place, the first crossing the ridge, the second leading to a triple observatory. These defensive constructions were built by the Susa Battalion, engaged on the Zermula side against the Austro-Hungarian advance.

Getting there

The malga can be reached by car. From Paularo follow the signs to Cason di Lanza Pass. When you reach the locality Baita da Nelut turn right onto the forest track.

The last part is bumpy, narrow and very steep, not suitable for RVs or low cars. Upon arriving at the malga, a large parking lot allows for easy parking. The cheese factory can also be reached on foot from the parking lot in the valley, about a 40-minute walk.


Upon arriving at the malga you will find a convenient parking lot that makes the malga accessible to all. In the parking lot you will be immediately surprised by the cows watering right in front of you. Pay attention to the road leading to the malga as the last section is narrow and very steep.

The malga products are all fresh and typical of the area. The variety is wide, and what is on offer depends on what the area has to offer at that time. In fact, in addition to milk and cheese production, the malga has a vegetable garden and produces its own tubers and vegetables. Not only that, managers gather in the meadows and forests what nature can offer, for example, mushrooms, to offer the most genuine foods to customers.

The Zermula malga is a very peaceful place. However, it is recommended that you visit on weekdays to fully enjoy the family treatment you will receive.

Contact malga Zermula

Through this section you can contact malga Zermula directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Malga Zermula
Val Chiarsó
33027 Paularo (UD)

Manager: Massimo Sgardello

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