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Rifugio Pellarini

Among forests and rocky peaks, far from the world

About this place

Pellarini is one of the most important refuges in the Julian Alps, thanks to the unparalleled views, the beautiful access path, the hospitality and, finally, from a mountaineering point of view, since it is a support point for many ascents and traverses, among the most renowned and sought-after. Visiting it for lunch or overnight stay is very fulfilling even without carrying out further hikes because hospitality and friendliness are found there and because of the brand new loop trail, which can be walked from July 2021, laid out by the hut manager.

Why visit it


isolated place

The location of the Pellarini refuge is one of its strengths. It is surrounded by vertiginous cliffs at the entrance to the wild Carnizza basin of Camporosso. In addition, the path to reach it is lonely and surrounded by nature.


The loop route

As of July 2021, the hut can be reached via a new trail that, joining the classic one, makes it possible to create a loop trail and enjoy additional panoramic views, through an environment that is still little traveled by man.



The manager’s love for the refuge and this area is evident, not only from the customer care, but also from the creation of the new trail, which allows the visitor to discover beautiful places and walk through the Great War theme park.


The Pellarini refuge stands alone at the entrance to the Carnizza basin of Camporosso and from here dominates the surrounding landscape with its overhanging rocks and walls, forests, and scree. The superb panorama ranges from the Jôf Fuart, to the Nabois Grande, to the Chamois Mothers, to the Cima di Riofreddo.


The lodge offers food service with zero-mile products and home cooking. For lunch or a snack, in addition to indoor seating, there are two rooftop terraces. Overnight stay is also possible, either in a room of 4 or in a dormitory.

The lodge is eco-friendly: it is equipped with solar panels and is plastic free; in fact, the dishes are compostable and you cannot order plastic or canned drinks.

It should be noted that there are three drinking water springs along the way to the hut, one in the valley and two almost at the top.

Itineraries and routes

The Pellarini is a mountaineering refuge and serves as a base for climbing and many hikes.

An easy but long trail starts from the refuge and heads to Sella Prasnig and reaches Lussari Sanctuary in about 3 hours. More challenging are the ascents to the Nabois Grande, Riofreddo summit, Madri dei Camosci tower, Cima del Vallone or Jôf Fuart, and traverses to Cime delle Rondini, Corsi refuge, Mazzeni bivouac, and Grego refuge.

A few minutes from the hut a crag with some climbing routes has been equipped.

Opening period

Pellarini Refuge is open daily from June to September and on weekends in the second half of May and in October. Opening times are approximate, as they are affected by weather conditions and other variables. Accordingly, of advised to contact the managers before going there.

interiors and rooms

The shelter has 45 beds, divided into 6 dormitories. Specifically, 2 are 4-bed, 1 is 6-bed, 1 is 9-bed, and 2 are 12-bed. The restaurant seats 45 inside and another 30 on the terraces, one of which overlooks the valley and the other the mountain amphitheater.

Getting there: the routes

Follow the signs for Rifugio Pellarini to parking P2. Both trails can be walked uphill or downhill. Choosing to start from the new one makes it easier because it is somewhat slippery on the downhill side, but it is more difficult to locate the entrance, and vice versa.


The trail, which has many forks in the first part, is well marked by signs. The route initially follows a dirt road, then a magnificent forest. The landscape gradually becomes more rocky until we reach the hut.


This route is less traveled and is more bumpy and slippery, but it is also wilder and more pristine. The route is a lot of fun because it is marked by tables, arrows and red dots, to be followed as in a treasure hunt. The dominant element is water, with a waterfall, a stream, and several small bridges. It also passes for a stretch through the Resonance Trees Trail and the Great War Theme Park.


Surely it is best to walk both by making a loop. However, it must be kept in mind that the new trail is a bit wilder and less traveled, consequently more slippery and with a bumpy road surface.

The trail is long but very beautiful. Especially by making it a loop, you can cross additional scenic spots and enjoy a differentiated route that passes through forests, streams, and even a waterfall.

There are showers at Pellarini, but water availability is very limited. It is not always possible to use them. For more information ask the manager in advance.

Contact Rifugio Pellarini

Through this section you can contact Rifugio Pellarini directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:

Rifugio Pellarini
33018 Tarvisio (UD)

Manager: Giorgio Da Rin

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