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Rifugio Calvi

At 2164 m, between peaks and war trails

About this place

The Calvi is a small jewel of Friuli Venezia Giulia, a mountain hut perched on a rock, from which there is a spectacular view. This refuge is a support point for the ascent to the summit of Mount Peralba at 2694 m and a stage of the Traversata Carnica, which connects San Candido to Tarvisio. The area borders Austria, and because of this, the refuge is contaminated by Austrian and Italian traditions, which create a great cultural, linguistic, and culinary richness.

Why visit it


Welcoming for 51 years

Mrs. Anna has been expertly running this shelter for 51 years, helped by her son and granddaughter. The liveliness of this ever-moving lady is no less than her friendliness. The shelter is his home and the guests are his family.


The scenic location

The Calvi hut stands on a rocky ledge at an elevation of 2164 meters. Already spotting it from the trailhead, it appears as an eagle’s nest built on the rock. From the top, the view of the peaks is exceptional and dizzying.


The paths of war

This area was sadly the scene of clashes, and it is possible to retrace the traces through the remains of forts and emplacements. Very interesting is the Great War Equipped Trail through which the refuge can be reached from the parking lot.


The Calvi shelter, although already clearly visible from the trailhead, seems to be part of the limestone rock on which it rests. As you approach it, you feel the strength of these exposed rocks growing, cradled by gentle winds or swept by strong gusts, and you also understand the strength and stability of this refuge, perched on rock for a century. The location is exceptional: enclosed between the massive walls of Peralba, Chiadenis and Pic, it faces toward the Lastroni and the Rinaldo group.

Itineraries and routes

The area in which the hut is located is very rich in opportunities for hikers, via ferrata enthusiasts and rock climbers.

Among the many ascents, the best known are Mount Peralba by the Normal Route or the Pope’s Trail, John Paul II Route; Mount Avanza; Mount Fleons; Mount Oregone; and Mount Pic Chiadenis.

Extremely impressive is the Great War Equipped Trail, dug along the rock walls during the 1915/1918 war.

Finally, the Calvi is a possible stop for the Traversata Carnica, an itinerary that surmounts the Eastern Alps, between South Tyrol, Austria, Veneto, and Friuli Venezia Giulia.


The Calvi offers a catering service with 60 seats indoors and more outdoors on the rooftop terrace. The 48 beds are divided into dormitories and quad rooms. All beds are bunk beds.

Opening period

The Calvi shelter is open daily from early June to early October. Opening times are subject to change; please contact the lodge directly for more precise information.

interiors and rooms

The Calvi was built in 1926 as a shelter. Following a number of changes of use and after several renovations and modernization works, it reached its final appearance in the 1970s and this is how it presents itself to us today: comfortable and equipped with everything necessary, but decorated, in keeping with tradition, with strong references to the past and its primary function as a refuge as well as to the mountain life and culture of neighboring Austria. What to expect? Simple lines, the warm tones of wood, walls adorned with memories.


Getting there: the route

From the convenient parking lot, 3 different alternatives can be chosen to reach the shelter, depending on the level of difficulty and technique.


From the locality of Cima Sappada, follow the signs for Sorgenti del Piave. Past the Piani del Cristo Shelter and the Rododendro Hut, just before reaching the Sorgenti del Piave Shelter, is the parking lot for the Calvi Shelter.

The cart track

The easiest route is the cart track, the wide dirt road in front of us coming from the parking lot that, in about an hour, leads directly to the hut. Take care not to follow the signs on the right because they lead to the ferrata.

The Marmot Trail

Along the cart track is a detour to the Marmot Trail, which climbs steeply, amidst the whistling of marmots, directly to the hut.

The ferrata

From the parking lot, take the small path on the right and, after walking a short distance along path 132, follow the signs that read “Rifugio Calvi, Percorso Fortini, Monte Chiadenis, for experts.”


The Great War Equipped Trail is very interesting, but suitable only for those equipped for ferrata. The cart track is within everyone’s reach, although it is repetitive. The groundhog trail alternative is certainly more attractive. The time is shortened a little, but the climb is steeper; to see if you are up to it, just look at it from below because you can clearly see its path to the hut.

In 1988 Pope John Paul II visited the Calvi hut, as evidenced by the photos hanging in the hut, during one of his vacations. The pope then walked to the top of Mount Peralba.

Along the road from Cima Sappada to the Calvi parking lot are the Piani del Cristo Shelter and the Rododendro Hut. About 500 m after the parking lot is the Rifugio Sorgenti del Piave.

Contact the Calvi Refuge

Through this section you can contact the Calvi shelter directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Refuge  Pier Fortunato Calvi
Upper Sesis Valley
33012 Sappada (UD)

Manager:  Anna Galler

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