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Forte di Col Badin

Visiting and sleeping in a military fort

About this place

In Val Fella, just before reaching Chiusaforte, is Col Badin Fort, dating back to 1904, when it was erected as a defense post on the Italian-Austrian border. The fort was the scene of fighting in the ’15-’18 war, then was decommissioned. Today the fort has been restored and houses a museum, a bar/restaurant, and guest quarters.

Why visit it


Inside the fort

The fort can be visited freely. Along the military tunnels are the various rooms used as kitchens, ammunition depots, and artillery emplacements. From these you can also reach the Great Mountain War Museum.


The experience

The experience of dining or sleeping at the fort is really very unique. The restaurant, at the time, was a dormitory, and ladders remain between the tables to climb onto the bunk beds. Other rooms have been equipped as guest quarters, giving visitors the opportunity to sleep inside a fort.


The panoramic terrace

The view from the fort’s viewing terrace is stunning. The view sweeps over the valley enclosed by the mountain massifs of the Julian Alps and the Fella River. The view makes lunch or stay at the fort even more special.

The visit to the fort and the museum

The fort can be freely visited and one can relive military life by walking through the tunnels and visiting the kitchen, storerooms, living quarters, and ammunition depot. In addition, the rails on which the ammunition carts and artillery emplacements ran can still be seen. Along the way there are various exhibits with explanatory tables until you reach the Great Mountain War Museum, where original pieces are displayed.



During the summer, the fort is equipped to accommodate those who want to experience the thrill of sleeping inside a military post. The rooms were recently renovated and have bunk beds.


Food service has indoor seating, organized in a former dormitory, and outdoor seating on the rooftop terrace. The cuisine is typical Friulian.


Fort Col Badin di spone a bookable room for events/conferences.

Hostel and restaurant are open from May to October/November; in some periods only on weekends. We recommend contacting the managers for more precise information.

getting there and parking

Parking for the fort is on the left just before entering the village of Chiusaforte. Leaving the car, continue on foot on the convenient cartroad. The fort can be reached in about 15 minutes of easy walking.
The fort is located above the Alpe-Adria bicycle path, from which it is a 5-minute ride, and has an enclosed storage room for storing bicycles.

Contact Col badin Fort

Through this section you can directly contact the managers of Col Badin Fort to inquire about tours, restaurant and overnight stay. Remember that Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

For information:
Cooperative Society Bike Network FVG
State Road, 13
33010 Chiusaforte (UD)

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