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Museo all'aperto Monte Kolovrat

A trip down memory lane

About this place

The Solarie Pass and the entire Kolovrat ridge were the scene of the dramatic events of the Great War and the Caporetto Retreat.
What was “The Third Line of Italian Defense” at 1115 meters today has become the Kolovrat Open Air Museum. Historic trails have been restored and made accessible, so that the trenches and fortifications of World War I are now a museum available to all, reachable in about an hour’s walk from the Rifugio Solarie. Adults and children can walk the loop without difficulty and observe machine gun and cannon emplacements, caves, and command and observation posts.

Why visit it


Immersed in history

The Solarie Pass lies on the border between Italy and Slovenia in an area sadly linked to important wartime events. The traces left on Kolovrat have become a cross-border museum, preserved as a vivid memory of such events.


The restructured route

The CAI and the municipality of Drenchia have restored the Great War fortifications to make this place easily accessible to those who want to take a trip down memory lane.


Outdoor walking

The hike to Mount Kolovrat is an easy trail that requires minimal training. Whether snowshoeing in summer or winter, the climb is very pleasant and the view of the Soča Valley from 1115 meters is exceptional.


In October 1917, during the Battle of Caporetto, thousands of soldiers and large numbers of civilians lost their lives under enemy bombardment. The battle was the most serious defeat in the history of the Italian army. Today, the remains of this defeat can be seen in the Kolovrat Open Air Museum “The Third Line of Italian Defense.” A recently renovated guided trail allows visitors to walk the Great War Route, a loop that passes through tunnels and walkways and past building ruins and the remains of artillery emplacements. From Italy, the loop starts from the Rifugio Solarie following CAI trail 746. Information panels guide you to the Italian defense positions on Mount Klabuk and the artillery positions on Mount Piatto, then back to Trail 746 and the starting point.

Theme park services and visit


The Great War Museum is an open-air museum, consequently it can always be visited. Obviously, the ascent to Kolovrat must be done in daylight hours and with good weather conditions.


Leave the car on the south side of the mountain, near the Rifugio Solarie. From here take CAI trail 746 on foot and follow the information panels. Mount Kolovrat is accessible only on foot.
The museum is also accessible from the Slovenian side, in this case directly by car to the Visitor Center parking lot.


The preferred support point from Italy is the Rifugio Solarie, from which Trail 746 also starts. On the Slovenian side of Kolovrat is the “Walk of Peace” Visitor Center.
The Walk of peace association, in cooperation with PromoTurismoFVG, organizes guided tours of the cross-border museum, which can start from Italy or Slovenia, lasting about 2 hours.

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