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Pieve di San Floriano

The pilgrim's spiritual refuge

About this place

In Carnia there is the possibility of making a pilgrimage of 20 stages, a historical-naturalistic itinerary in the green and quiet of this territory. This is the Way of the Parishes, which passes through historic parishes and allows people to enjoy a nature trail through mountains, valleys, forests and streams. The first stop on this pilgrimage is the Pieve di San Floriano, in Illegio, in the municipality of Tolmezzo. The church dates back to the 8th-9th centuries and has been the spiritual reference point for the mountain community for centuries.

Why visit


The walk

The walk from Illegio is very pleasant and suitable for everyone. In less than 40 minutes from the built-up area of the village, you reach the small wall bordering the clearing, from which you have a beautiful view of the Pieve. The walk winds along a small path through the forest.


Panoramic view

The Pieve di San Floriano overlooks the But Valley and the Illegio basin. The view is amazing. The gaze is lost in the green of the dense forests, follows the course of the Tagliamento River and flies over the peaks that frame the valley.


The village of Illegio

The small village of Illegio can be visited with a short walk, which is absolutely worth it. In the center of the village you can admire the spring pool of the Tôuf River and from there walk along the path of the mills, some of which are still in operation.

The view of the Tagliamento, the mountains of Carnia and Illeggio

The Pieve di San Floriano is perched 734 m above sea level on a rock outcrop that plunges 300 m sheer into the But valley. The view is magnificent. The view sweeps over the entire valley and the town of Illegio. The valley is surrounded by forests and is cut by the bed of the Tagliamento River. All around can be seen the peaks of the Carnic Pre-Alps.

How to get there: the trail


A small parking lot is located at the entrance to the village. It is recommended not to enter the village by car because the roads are very narrow and there are no lay-bys.


From Illegio take the “Troi par sot la crete” trail, which, passing a rock bridge and a drinking fountain, reaches the opening of the low wall that borders the Pieve clearing. The very scenic route passes through the forest and crosses meadows.


The trail is easy and within everyone’s reach. In 30 to 40 minutes it leads from the village to the Pieve, via a forest path. The total length is about 2 km, the elevation gain 189 m.

Along the Way of the Parishes, the Parish Church of San Floriano is the first stop. It is reached from the village of Imponzo by an easy trail in about 50 minutes.


The Way of the Parishes is a 20-stage pilgrimage in Carnia over valleys and mid-mountains. Allows visitors to visit 10 sacred buildings through a historical-naturalistic itinerary that can be traveled on foot or by bicycle.

Masses are celebrated on fixed dates: May 4, the second Sunday in May, the second Sunday in August, and the first Sunday in October.
Openings of the Pieve are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays in July and August with hours 09:30-12:30 and 15:00-18:00.

Both routes are pleasant and suitable for everyone. For those in Illegio, a visit to the parish church is a must.  The trail from Imponzo is usually taken by those who walk the Pievi Trail.

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