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Torre Moscarda

The story of the orphan tower

About this place

Passing through the Paluzza area, one’s attention is kidnapped by an imposing tower looming over the mountainous landscape. This is the recently renovated Moscarda Tower, which can be accessed from the Alpine Botanical Garden in Paluzza.

The tower houses the Territory Museum, divided into three areas, mostly open in summer: temporary exhibitions of local crafts on the ground floor; local tree species on the second floor; and the history of the valley and the tower on the second floor. At its base is discovered a complex of bunkers and tunnels dating back to World War I and World War II.

Why visit


Its history and the museum

The tower was built in the 13th century as part of a system of fortifications for defensive purposes, a role it also played during the two world wars. Its history can be discovered in detail inside, in the Territorial Museum.


The landscape

The tower is located in the Paluzza Alpine Botanical Garden, which, together with the arboretum, is well worth a visit. Very impressive is to get there from the forest path and then enjoy the view of the Bût Valley and the surrounding mountains.


The tunnels and bunkers

Surrounding the tower are a series of military bunkers that were part of the Moscarda Tower Barrage. Throughout the area and along the paths leading to the tower, military works dating from World War I and II are encountered.


The tower dates back to the 13th century and was part of the Castrum Moscardum, a fortification consisting of a castle and two towers, built to guard the Bût Valley, a neuralgic area because it was crossed by the Via Iulia Augusta, which led from Aquileia to Noricum. The twin tower was demolished in 1836, although the name of the hamlet of Paluzza “Enfretors” “Between the Towers” recalls it.

War works around the tower are later; along the Moscarda Tower Barrage can be found trenches, bunkers, anti-tank pits and military emplacements made in the Great War and perfected in World War II.

Parking and routes

Moscarda Tower can be reached via a forest path from Cleulis or by taking the road at the foot of the hill. Here, you will find a small parking lot where you can leave your car. The road is driveway and leads to the cemetery, but there are no parking areas. There are many trails in the area that run through the forest or follow military tracks. From the tower you can reach the Church of San Daniele di Paluzza.

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