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Peace, nature and tradition

About this place

Sauris di Sopra, in the local language “Plozn,” and Sauris di Sotto, “Dörf,” form the municipality of Sauris, a town 1212 m above sea level in the Tolmezzine Alps in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Sauris is part of Upper Carnia, on the border with Austria, from which it inherited the Carinthian dialect, which is currently used by the inhabitants. From the fusion of German and Carnic cultures came the Saurese community, with its linguistic, cultural and traditional identity. To enter this small world is to overlook a reality that is as peculiar as it is perfectionist: in Sauris there are characteristic dwellings, typical foods and unique traditions in an extremely well-kept and welcoming setting.

Why visit it


Landscape and architecture

Sauris is also called the Alpine Pearl. The surrounding landscape is of rare beauty, with its thick forests, mountains, and famous lake. Typical buildings, Blockhaus and Walser Houses, stand out within the village.


History and culture

Sauris “Zahre” is a mountain community in its own right, with unique peculiarities, an ancient history, its own dialect, Sauran, local traditions and cuisine with typical recipes. Fascinating is also discovering the legends about its birth.


Local products

Among its best-known products, the locality boasts the flavorful and wholesome Sauris speck. Equally popular are the cheeses and Zahre Beer, a craft beer also drunk outside the region. A tasting of typical products is a must for tourists.

The perfect interweaving of nature and tradition

It is said that Sauris came into existence through the escape of two German soldiers from the war. The soldiers were looking for peace and nature, and they found it in this high verdant area, isolated in the mountains.


Sauris’ remote location has allowed the maintenance of authentic traditions and its own linguistic and cultural identity. All this is made explicit in the small town, where one can appreciate traditional costumes, typical activities and stores, and the architecture peculiar to the area.


Sauris lies nestled in the Tolmezzo Alps, in unspoiled nature, in an area rich in forests and pastures. A jewel of naturalistic beauty in which Lake Sauris, although artificial, blends perfectly with its surroundings, shaping a picture-postcard landscape.

The townships

Sauris consists of the two hamlets“Di Sopra” and“Di Sotto” positioned along the same road about ten minutes apart. Both hamlets feature typical architecture with Blockhaus and Walser houses.

In Sauris di Sopra a visit to the Gothic Church of San Lorenzo and the Ethnographic Center ‘s Haus van der Zhare is a must. Another work of architectural and spiritual interest is the Shrine of St. Oswald in Sauris di Sotto where the votive offerings of the many faithful who have been making pilgrimages there for hundreds of years are preserved.


It is not possible to indicate a better time to visit Sauris. Certainly spring is wonderful, but Sauris is perfect in all seasons. The village is beautiful and authentic and maintains its traditions; throughout the surrounding area and the Upper Lumiei Valley there are many things to see and do; the cuisine is traditional, with many typical dishes to taste.


Summer in Sauris is packed with experiences. The entire Val Lumiei area is scenic and dotted with hiking and biking trails, peaks and Rifugio can be reached, and water sports can be enjoyed on the lake. For the past few years, you can try the dizzying experience of the Zipline on the lake: 2.5 km of high-speed scenic descent. Sauris also boasts a spa complete with swimming pool, saunas and steam room, where you can relax after a hike or on a gloomy day.


Winter in Sauris means guaranteed snow. The Zipline is closed, but downhill skiers, ski mountaineers or cross-country skiers are catered for thanks to multiple lifts. Children can also have fun in the school camp. Those who do not ski can snowshoe or simply walk or go to the spa for a sauna and massage. The atmosphere is also magical, and with the snow, the country looks fairy-like.


The village of Sauris is part of the Club of the Authentic Villages of Italy and demonstrates its authenticity also through its products, which are strictly artisanal and zero-kilometer.


Herding animals in a healthy environment allows for the processing of genuine butter, cottage cheese, yogurt and cheeses with the true flavor of the natural grasses that cattle and goats choose to feed on.


Sauris ham is known throughout Italy and abroad for the savory flavor that comes from curing in the fresh mountain air and light smoking. Also very tasty is speck, which, due to its sweet flavor, is almost mistaken for raw ham.


The Friulian trout is caught in pure resurgence waters, from which comes the softness of its meat, which is expertly smoked and seasoned.


Sauris, Zahre in Sauran dialect, produces its own beer, “Zahre Beer,” now known beyond the borders of Friuli. Production is artisanal, and the farm brewery uses only home-grown malt, giving its beer the flavor of the upper Lumiei Valley.


Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, used by locals to make jams, can be picked in Sauris’ forests. The area is also very rich in wild herbs and medicinal plants that are used for spices, herbal teas or to make unique homemade cheeses.

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