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Monte Lussari

A small village at high altitude

About this place

The Balcony on the Julian Alps, Mount Santo di Lussari, with its 1789 m height, shrine and small village is an unmissable visit for those in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Lussari is a place with a long history, a land that allowed the encounter of different peoples, Germanic, Slavic and Latin.

But not only that, the mountain gives visitors a spectacular view and a joyful environment full of life. The small village perched on the summit is beautiful, built in the Carinthian style and with many food and wine activities. Highly regarded is the ski lift, one of the few in the region that also allows skiing under the starry canopy.

Why visit it


The hamlet

Delicious is the most appropriate word to describe the village on Mount Lussari. It is a very small but extremely lively hamlet. There are many people visiting Lussari, but the atmosphere is simple and relaxed.


The panorama

Mount Lussari offers the viewer a rich panorama. In summer, the view of the surrounding mountains and valley is not harsh and rocky, as from other peaks, but gentle and relaxing. In winter, with snow shining on a clear day, it is unparalleled.


The cable car

The summit of Mount Lussari, the crown jewel of the Julian Alps, can be reached by everyone thanks to the cable car. From the convenient parking lot in Camporosso you can climb to the top of the mountain in 15 minutes, bringing skis and sports equipment or babies and strollers.

The village at 1789 m

At the top of the mountain, there is a quaint hamlet with various accommodation and dining facilities. What to expect? It is a joyful environment, with people wandering among the souvenir stores; others having a beer and a sausage sandwich at an inn; still others having lunch with a goulaschsuppe served in the bread bowl at one of the typical restaurants.

The sanctuary of Monte Lussari

The shrine, in the 14th century, was just a chapel; two centuries later the present building was built, which has undergone various renovations over the years after being destroyed by lightning and later by bombing. The shrine has always been rebuilt in the same place and is a symbol of peace and unity among peoples, who come to the mountain from Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

Getting there by cable car


The Camporosso-MonteMonte Lussari cable car is open:

  • daily from June 15 to September 15 with weekday hours 09:00/17:15 and holidays 08:30/18:15.
  • May 25 to June 15 and September 15 to early October weekends only.
  • winter opening is from early December to early April, but service is provided daily only from mid-December to late March.
  • The cable car is in operation during the Easter holidays. Open days are to be verified by contacting the facility because they may vary.
  • To enjoy the sunset on the mountain, the cable car has nightly openings until 10:45 p.m. on scheduled days.

The unit cost of a ride is 13.50 euros, round trip 18 euros.


There are several ski/snowshoe equipment rentals in Camporosso. On the summit of Mount Lussari is a small inhabited village. Here, in the first part coming from the gondola, there are a few stores displaying souvenirs and typical items from the area. Continuing on, one encounters several bars and inns, a lodge and hotels for overnight stays or to take advantage of the night skiing that is organized periodically on the Di Prampero slope.


There are screens in the cable car reception center connected to the webcams on the summit. This is because it may happen that Mount Lussari is shrouded in fog. In this case, it is recommended to postpone the visit to enjoy the view on a clear-sky day.


The Pilgrim's Path

Reaching the summit of Mount Lussari via the Pilgrim’s Path makes the experience even more impressive. CAI path 613 skirts the Lussari stream and crosses the Thousand-Year Forest of Tarvisio, a superb forest populated by deer and roe deer and home to a few bears. From here the trail continues over the valley of the Lussari malga where, in summer, you can enjoy a break in the green pasture together with the cows. The arrival at the summit is spectacular, from the glimpses along the way to the 360-degree view that sweeps from mountains to forests and valleys. The route does not present technical difficulties but it is very challenging because, in about 3 hours, you will face 970 m of elevation gain.

More routes

The routes of Mt. Lussari are, first and foremost, those to reach it:

  • Pilgrim’s path from Camporosso
    Time: about 2.30/3 hours; passable on foot, with snowshoes, by mountain bike.
  • Forest road from Valbruna

    Time: about 2.20 hours; passable on foot, with snowshoes, by mountain bike.

Several traverses can be made from the mount:

  • Lussari Saddle
  • Hunter’s Peak
  • Rifugio Pellarini
  • Tarvisio Alps High Route

A tip for snowshoers: the Pilgrim’s Path is heavily traveled by the many visitors, so snowshoeing is recommended only in fresh snow.


The cable car is open on weekdays during 09:00/17:15 hours and on holidays during 08:30/18:15 hours. If you have any doubts or questions about opening hours, please call Promotour SPA Monte Lussari at +39 0428 653915

In the small village on the summit there are many inns where you can enjoy typical Friulian cuisine and some traditional Austrian dishes.

Mount Lussari is stunning in both summer and winter. The cable car is not in operation every day of the year, consequently, you are advised to check its opening.

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