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Castello Valdajer

A yellow jewel in the mountains

About this place

Valdajer Castle in Ligosullo was built in the 1500s by an Austrian soldier, Colonel Kreig, commander of Fort Osoppo in the war between Austria and the Republic of Venice. The yellow color, its hallmark, came much later, during a renovation. The Valdajer Castle is aesthetically very beautiful and stands at the crown of a breathtaking landscape; for many years it has been a well-known restaurant and bar, much loved by hikers who try their hand at the countless trails, including the one to Dimon Lake. Hopefully, it will be able to reopen very soon and welcome visitors to this beautiful area again.

Why visit it


The color of the castle

Valdajer Castle is sure to remain etched in memory. Its yellow color contrasts with the surrounding nature, and the feeling is to catch a glimpse of a small jewel among the mountains.


The landscape

The castle stands out yellow among the green meadows on the Valdajer plateau at 1340 m. The mountainous landscape behind it is superb, and the visitor feels transported to an enchanted place.


Lake Dimon

The trail to Dimon Lake starts right from Valdajer Castle and allows you to reach this fascinating reservoir in about two hours. The pond is magnificent and still and the landscape among the mountains surreal.

How to get there and what to do


From Ligosullo follow the signs to Valdajer Castle at an elevation of 1340 m. Parking is located at the back of the castle.


Castel Valdajer is the preferred starting point to reach Lake Dimon. After parking at the back of the castle, one can take the cart road or trail 404 and reach the lake in less than 2 hours. From the lake you can continue and ascend the peak of Mt. Paularo in another half-hour walk. Many other trails start from the castle, and the area is a sought-after destination for ski mountaineers and snowshoers, as well as mountain bikers.

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