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Orrido dello Slizza

The route over the gorge on the outskirts of Tarvisio

An easy canyon to visit

Despite what the name may evoke, the Slizza Gorge is a beautiful scenic route surrounded by nature. This is a deep gorge but usable by all through an easy path, consisting of convenient footbridges, skimming the rock face. The entire trail follows the meandering course of the creek, the nature looks pristine and intoxicating, the views are beautiful.

Why visit it


Near Tarvisio

The Slizza gorge is located in the municipality of Tarvisio, about 15 minutes from the town center. Because of the strategic location and the simplicity of the route, it is easily accessible to everyone. For those who want to visit Tarvisio or Mount Lussari, it is a very pleasant detour, a must see. 


Inside the gorge

The gorge trail runs alongside the bed of the Slizza stream, within the gorge itself. You stand in the middle of the canyon walls, experiencing the feeling of a quiet shelter, hidden from the world, in which the water element combines perfectly with rock and vegetation.


renovated route

The trail was renovated in 2020, and one can see the great care used in making it safe. The trail runs on wooden walkways, which blend in with the rocky landscape without defacing it, the roadbed is well maintained, and regular maintenance of the guards is done.


The route

The trail to visit the Slizza gorge is short, simple and usable by all. The trail, which can be walked in about 1 hour/1 hour and 30 minutes, loops around a fenced path on the gorge wall. The trail follows the entire course of the river, creating a relaxing environment that is vivid in spring, cool in summer, and evocative in autumn. The descent leads to the creek bed where there are small beaches where you can relax in summer.

The walkway is safe, recently renovated, the roadbed is not uneven, and only in autumn, due to leaves, or after rains, can it be slippery. The route can be done in either direction but we recommend starting from the Hapsburg Soldier’s Monument to facilitate the first section, consisting of a long sequence of steps that, in this way, you will be able to descend and not climb.

Please note that this is still a trail in a mountainous area, so it is necessary to have appropriate clothing and footwear and it is advisable to bring water, especially during the summer.

Opening period

The Slizza gorge can be visited in all seasons except winter. Spring and autumn tint the landscape with wonderful colors and striking views, but a visit after rains, which make the trail slippery, should be avoided. The same goes for leaves in autumn, we recommend that you pay close attention. In summer, the gorge provides a cool respite from the scorching heat, thanks to the path winding along the course of the stream, Also, at the end of the descent, there are small beaches where you can enjoy an oasis of relaxation.

The ice stalactites

The Slizza Gorge trail is not passable in winter because of snow and ice, and only equipped hikers can cross it. The trail passes through a tunnel dug by hand in the rock and a cave.

Right here, in the dead of winter, you can see ice sculptures, huge stalactite formations, and completely frozen sections that can completely obstruct the passage and the wooden staircase in the middle of the trail.

Under special conditions, when the temperature range between day and night thaws and refreezes the percolation water, these formations can grow to create large columns of ice, thus creating an enchanted atmosphere.

Approach and parking

Drive along the state road leading to the Fusine Lakes and turn left at Boscoverde. From here follow the signs to the Slizza gorge.

Cars can be parked in the parking lot at the back of the Tarvisio Boscoverde train station 5 minutes from the start of the trail.

The route is bypassed by the Alpe Adria cycle route and is an excellent scenic stop for cycling enthusiasts. Please note, however, that the route is only feasible on foot.


Absolutely. The trail is family-friendly and is a fun and educational experience for children. The route is not suitable for strollers, but toddlers can be carried in baby carriers, partly because the walk takes about 1 hour/1 hour and 30 minutes. The trail is also suitable for dogs who will enjoy the coolness of the place.

The Slizza gorge is visible in all seasons except winter. In spring and autumn, you can admire the amazing colors of spruce and lodgepole pine, but be very careful not to go there after rains because the road surface may be slippery. In summer, the gorge is a pleasant interlude from the heat, and it is also possible to rest in the pebbly clearings on the creek bed. The gorge is well known and loved by people, consequently it is recommended to visit on weekdays to enjoy more tranquility.

The gorge trail is easy and safe but it is still necessary to wear appropriate clothing and shoes. The route is about 2 km, so, it is best to bring a backpack with water. It is not possible to carry children in strollers; you must equip yourself with swaddles or baby carriers.

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