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Grotte di Timau

Guided tour of the bunker cave

About this place

Just above the source of the Fontanone di Timau opens the intricate tunnel system of the Timau Caves. The cavities are not natural, or are only partially natural, but date back to ancient chalcopyrite mine galleries. Beginning in World War I, part of the cave system was adapted for war purposes and, exclusively by guided tour, its remains can be visited. If unaccompanied, however, it is still worth walking the CAI 402 trail leading to the entrance to enjoy the simple nature walk.

Why visit


The bunker and the story

The initial part of the caves was adapted for war purposes. In the tunnels you can explore the military quarters and see the machine gun firing slits.


The path

To reach the entrance to the caves, a small part of CAI trail 402 is followed; a pleasant nature walk.


The guided tour

Visits to the caves are permitted only when accompanied by cavers, who allow visitors to reach and explore the intricate tunnels.

the path


In Timau, leave your car in the large area near Ossuary Temple and Great War Museum. The trail, marked by a sign, is located on the opposite side of the highway, easily accessible by crosswalk.


The route follows a short section of CAI trail 402 to Casera Pramosio. The walk is well marked and very pleasant. At the fork to the caves, the Fontanone spring can also be easily reached.


The path to the caves is easy and pleasant. The bottom is well-trodden; proper footwear is required due to the presence of stones. The elevation difference is minimal and constant. It takes about 45 minutes round trip to accomplish.


Entrance to the caves is possible only by guided tour. For the visit please contact the secretariat of the CAI Tolmezzo Section-Carnico Speleological Group.

Contact the Carnico Speleological Group

Through this section you can directly contact the caving group in charge of guiding. Explorer FVG does not handle responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

For information:

Michele Gortani Carnic Speleological Group – CAI Tolmezzo
via Val di Gorto, 19
ZIP CODE: 33028
Tolmezzo (UD)

For guided tours:

Send an email

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Non-tourist route

This place is not suitable for solo visitors as it is not a safe route/place.

We do not recommend visiting unless you are accompanied by a guide. Inquire at the nearest tourism infopoint.

Explorer FVG disclaims all liability.

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