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Lago Avostanis

A glacial lake at an elevation of 1936 meters.

About this place

Lake Avostanis is a glacial lake located on the mountain of the same name in a basin 1936 m above sea level. It is nestled among the mountain peaks and can be reached by a well-trodden, easy-going trail. This is the perfect itinerary as it combines a visit to malga Pramosio, a medium/easy hike to the lake and possible continuation to Avostanis peak.

Why visit it


Easy to reach

The route to the lake does not present any particular difficulties. There is ample parking, the trail is smooth and well-trodden, and the ascent takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes for a total of 6 km. An easy itinerary, perfect for a weekend away from the usual.


Historical trail

Along the path that leads first to the lake and then to the summit are several reminders of the past. The most important is the plaque of Maria Plozner, a Carnic carrier who, during World War I, in 1916, was shot dead by an Austrian sniper while bringing supplies to Italian soldiers on the front.


Stop at Malga Pramosio

In addition to offering ample and convenient parking, Malga Pramosio provides the ideal refreshment before or after completing the route. Its cuisine and sale of malga products makes it an interesting and enjoyable stop.

hidden in the mountains

After about 1 hour and 30 minutes of ascent along CAI Trail 402, hidden in a basin between mountain peaks, the lake is revealed in all its glory. The environment is peaceful and instills great serenity. The place is ideal for sitting or lying down, relaxing and listening to the sound of the wind, the whistle of groundhogs and the gurgling sound generated by frogs swimming in the water. It is an exclusive and magical place worth visiting, paying utmost attention to respecting the local flora and fauna.

The inhabitants of the lake

At the time of the visit (June 19), the lake was teeming with frogs. Mating time is a very special time of year when hundreds of frogs swim and chase each other around the lake, animating it with their friendly croaking.

From the lake to Cima Avostanis

Upon reaching the lake, for those who wish to continue the hike, there is the option of continuing up the trail until reaching Cima Avostanis at 2193 m above sea level. From here the view of Friuli is breathtaking. Being close to the border with Austria, several tunnels and remains of World War I fortifications are encountered along the route to the summit. From Lake Avostanis, it takes about 1 hour/1 hour and 30 minutes to the summit, while, overall, from Malga Pramosio, about 3 hours.


A glacial lake is a lake that has formed in a cavity produced by glacier erosion. Specifically, the glacier erodes the land, then begins to retreat, leaving a deposit of ice in the basin it had created. Subsequently, the ice melts and fills the depression. Each year the waters are renewed by spring snow melt.

Maria Plozner was a Carnic carrier who, during World War I, like so many other women, endured long and arduous journeys over the mountains carrying supplies and provisions to Italian soldiers on the front lines of the Austrian front. His life was cut short by a sniper during one of his trips. A small monument consisting of a wrought-iron cross, a stone boot, and a plaque set into the rock was erected at the site, commemorating the heroic deeds of Mary and the other women who gave their lives for the love of their country.

Especially during summer periods, when the weather is mild and the winter snows melt, the lake and its spacious, green shores attract a fair number of visitors. Especially on weekends it is possible to find tourists as well as locals relaxing in the sun, eating a sandwich or, if more daring, dipping their feet into the cold waters of the lake.

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