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Malga Cuar Mountain

Authentic, genuine, as per tradition

About this place

For those who want to experience the true essence of living in an alpine hut, see the herdsmen at work and forget the pace of city life for a few hours or a few days, Malga Monte Cuar is the right choice. This alpine hut is located far from population centers and surrounded by nature, isolated on the northern slope of Mount Cuar, whose summit can be easily reached in about 45 minutes’ walk. At malga Cuar, lovingly run by herdsman Roberto and his staff, you will find a no-nonsense welcome of hard-working people who manage livestock, alpine pastures and hospitality.

Why visit


the place in the mountains

One of the highlights of going to Malga Monte Cuar is the contact with the wildest nature. The malga stands isolated among the mountains, nestled in a verdant environment in which the only noises are the bellowing of grazing beasts.


The life of the herdsman

In this malga, one can get a glimpse of the real everyday life of a Friulian alpine dairy farmer, engaged in the care of the beasts, production in the malga and, in this case, also dedicated to the hospitality of those who want to enjoy the fresh mountain air and a genuine meal.


Cows grazing

Having lunch at Malga Cuar also means looking out from the terrace of the dairy and observing the grazing cows and the barn from a vantage point. You can admire the animals in their habits and mutual relationships, sometimes a bit rough, and get a close look at this bucolic world.


Malga Monte Cuar stands solitary amid the pastures above Trasaghis, framed by the Julian and Carnic Pre-Alps. The alpine hut is located on the north slope of the horn-shaped Cuar Mountain on a grassy shelf surrounded by forests. From the terrace of the hut, the view sweeps over the valley, reaching as far as Lake Cavazzo.

Itineraries and routes

Malga Monte Cuar can be reached in about 2 hours from Cuel di Forchia via 2 alternative routes. The easiest is CAI path 815, which, via a wide path through the forest, leads directly to the alpine hut. More challenging is the CAI 816 loop trail, a decidedly steeper route that leads first to the summit of Mt. Cuar and then to the hut. Both trails are very scenic, and you just have to choose one depending on how well trained you are. From the hut, one can easily reach the summit of Mount Cuar and the bronze statue of Our Lady rising to the sky, again via Trail 815, in about 45 minutes. There, looking up into the sky, you will almost certainly see griffins circling. From malga Monte Cuar you can also reach the summit of Monte Prât.


The malga includes the farmhouse “The Squirrel” where you can have lunch with local dishes and products from the malga. The alpine hut also has outdoor seating on the terrace from which to enjoy the spectacle of grazing cows.

In addition to the farmhouse, the casera also includes a commissary, where dairy products can be purchased.

Overnight accommodations are available at Malga Monte Cuar; the facility has five rooms with bunk beds, including one double, for a total of 25 beds.

Opening period

The farmhouse is open only during the alpine pasture period, roughly from June to mid-September, but opening periods vary each year. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the managers for information.


The kitchen

At malga Monte Cuar, everything you can taste is rigorously prepared by Roberto, manager and malgaro, who also takes care of the reception and cooking. For starters, you can try fresh cheeses made in the alpine pasture from mixed goat and cow milk. There are different ones: regular, chili or herb flavored. The dishes are all traditional Friulian; you can try gnocchi with butter and smoked ricotta, sausage, venison, goulash, frico and polenta.  Roberto also makes Tyrolean spätzle with butter or wild herbs, which are truly special. And to finish, a good apple pie.

Getting there

Malga monte Cuar is easily reached in a couple of hours on foot via CAI trail 815 from Cuel di Forchia, where you can leave your car. Continuing on this path from the hut, one can reach the summit of Mt. Cuar.

Alternatively, one can walk the somewhat more challenging loop of the 816 trail that climbs the mountain and then descends back to the hut.

Malga Cuar can also be reached by car via a long and winding road, first paved, then unpaved, from Avasinis.

on Google Maps the coordinates of the alpine hut are correct, but the road is not visible; therefore, you have to rely on road signs.


Reservations are not necessary at Malga Monte Cuar, however, it is advisable to give advance notice of your arrival so that the managers are prepared to accommodate a certain number of people and so that you do not find some dishes running out.

Malga Monte Cuar enjoys a privileged location in the middle of the mountains, far from towns and cities. Because of this, there is no Internet connection, which proves to be an added advantage because it allows those who want to take a break from daily stress to relax without interference.

Yes, it is about the same place. “Squirrel” is the name of the farmhouse attached to the alpine hut.

Contact Malga Monte Cuar

Through this section you can contact Malga Cuar directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information (updated August 2022):
Agro-tourism hut Monte Cuar
Trasaghis, hamlet of Avasinis (UD)

Manager: Roberto Compassi

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