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Malga Glazzat

An alpine hut near Pontebba

About this place

Malga Glazzat is a lovely, small, well-kept malga nestled in the green between the Julian and Carnic Alps. The alpine hut stands on a plateau that, for visitors, becomes an incredible panoramic terrace over the surrounding mountain ranges, forests and valleys. The landscape is truly spectacular and anyone is enchanted by it. To crown it all, there is the kindness of the managers, a group of young people who have chosen to live in contact with nature and enhance their area by taking care of this alpine hut.

The casera can be reached either by car or on foot, and we recommend the latter alternative because the route, about an hour long, is easy, scenic and suitable even for young children.

Why visit


The panoramic terrace

Malga Glazzat is an unforgettable experience for every visitor. This is because the casera is in a jaw-droppingly panoramic location. From the meadow terrace on which it stands, there is a spectacular view of the amphitheater of the Julian and Carnic Alps and, on fine days, the view reaches as far as the Canin Range.



In this wonderful meadow basin, animals graze freely, and, accustomed to human presence, can be observed in their habits and rhythms. Not only that, for an even more immersive experience, you can watch the milking and give the little ones a chance to learn about the animal world and nature.


Bela's boys

At malga Glazzat everyone receives a warm welcome from the young people who run it. It is the welcome of those who love their work and wish to offer their neighbors the quality of tradition and a product made with their own hands. A great success for the “BELA Agricultural Society,” which was born out of the passion of a group of young people who wanted to enhance their land.


The malga is located in a meadow basin above Pontebba, framed by the Julian and Carnic Alps. The area is verdant, and it is recommended to have lunch outside in the peaceful environment of the pasture, surrounded by grazing beasts.

Malga Glazzat offers a spectacular panorama. On one side is a wide view of the Carnic Alps, with Mt. Zermula, Cason di Lanza Pass, Rio Secco Crete, and Mt. Cavallo. On the other side are the Julian Alps with Màngart, Mount Due Pizzi, Jôf Fuart, Jôf di Montasio, and Mount Cimone. Behind them the Canin Range can also be discerned.

Itineraries and routes

Malga Glazzat can be easily reached by car but, for those who feel like walking, it is recommended to go there on foot from Sella Cereschiatis, passing through forests and meadows, accompanied by the sound of streams, until you reach the wonderful panoramic terrace on which the malga stands and find yourself surrounded by the majestic rocky ridges. There are also a number of trails starting from the alpine hut, all of which are well known to the managers who are happy to advise hikers and provide information on the feasibility and difficulties that can be encountered on the various trails. The classic hike from the hut is to Crete from the Cronz at 1664 m, from the summit of which there is a wide panoramic view.
For mountain bikers/e-bikers, it is reported that reaching the malga by bicycle is very popular; in addition, there are several mtb-able trails from there, including the Glazzat malga Ring and the “In the Urogal Forest” trail.
Malga Glazzat is a classic route even in winter with snowshoes; the malga is closed, but the route is easy and the breathtaking view from the snow-covered terrace is unparalleled.


The malga includes a farmhouse where you can have lunch with typical dishes and food produced in the malga or locally sourced. Cottage cheese, cheese and dairy products can also be purchased. The malga is equipped with indoor and outdoor seating, and it is advisable to eat on the viewing terrace and enjoy the quietness of the plateau and the view of the surrounding peaks.

Malga Glazzat also offers overnight accommodation with 6 rooms, including one double, one with three beds, one family room and 3 doubles with bunk beds. Toilet facilities are shared.

Opening period

The malga is open during the alpine pasture period, specifically from June 1 to September 30, To have lunch at the farmhouse, reservations are not necessary, only recommended, while for dinner and overnight stays, it is advisable to contact the managers.


The dairy: cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and butter

Glazzat alpine dairy products are processed during the mountain pasture period by the alpine dairy farmers themselves. This is the birthplace of“çuçdi mont,” the alpine cheese, whose characteristic feature is precisely its connection to grazing. The animals feed on the grass of these lands, and the herdsmen, with slow and traditional processing techniques keep the product unaltered, allowing the final consumer to savor the taste of this land.

And when tradition is combined with the youthful presence of the alpine hut managers, something is born that should be tasted: the “Fior di Malga” flavor ice cream.


Malga Glazzat can be reached from Pontebba or Moggio. In both cases one must follow the signs to Sella Cereschiatis. From here it takes about 20 minutes to reach the hut. The road is bumpy and has bumps in some sections, so a tall car and experienced driving is recommended.

The malga can also be reached by mtb/e-bike or on foot, via an easy and pleasant walk on asphalt and dirt road, suitable even for small children, in about an hour.


Certainly. The hut has 15 beds divided into rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds. Toilet facilities are shared.

Yes, there is a commissary where you can buy cheese, butter, yogurt and cottage cheese, all processed in the pasture with milk from the cows you see grazing there.

Yes, it is recommended to go up to the hut with a high car because of the presence of many bumps and potholes. Considering that the walk to the malga is easy and very beautiful, it is recommended to reach malga Glazzat on foot and arrive with the healthy appetite of someone who has walked in nature.

Contact Malga Glazzat

Through this section you can contact the Glazzat Hut directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Malga Glazzat
Glazzat Alto,
33016 Pontebba (UD)

Manager: Daniele Matiz

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