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Malga Montasio

Where authentic cheese is born

About this place

Malga Montasio lies in the heart of the Montasio Plateau, surrounded by vast pastures in the frame of the Julian Alps. The environment is bucolic, the air clear and the animals serene. Beasts can be observed grazing in a 1064-hectare area divided between the alpine pasture and the alpine meadows. In the outdoor area, where the Red Cattle are allowed to be admired and studied in their habits, looking up, one finds oneself admiring the peaks of Canin and Montasio.

Why visit


The cheese

At malga Montasio, the cheesemaker makes the cheese of the same name, the most famous cheese in Friuli. Anyone who is enjoying a walk on the plateau cannot fail to stop for a taste.


The plateau

The Montasio Plateau is a unique area because of its conformation and privileged location. In addition, it is the largest mountain pasture area in Friuli Venezia Giulia.



The Montasio Plateau is an area that is easily accessible by car and allows everyone to take hikes or simple nature walks.



Malga Montasio is a site of community interest and is famous for the production of its namesake cheese. The farmhouse refreshment area has 80 seats divided between indoor area, in a room heated by the traditional stube, and outdoor area, under the shelter of gazebos.


For overnight stay, it is equipped with 5 double rooms with private bathrooms.


Cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and butter made and aged in the store can be purchased, as well as cured meats, wine and honey from other producers in the area.


A children’s play area is also located outside.

Routes and trails

Malga Montasio boasts a strategic location for carrying out many walks or hikes, some suitable for families, others more challenging.
The entire plateau area offers the possibility of simple walks, short or longer. Also of note is the Montasio Pasture Tour, suitable for all, but rather long if undertaken from Sella Nevea.

Very nice is to reach the Brazzà Refuge, to enjoy this reality as well.
Several peaks can be climbed from the hut, most of them suitable for experienced hikers, as they are exposed and have equipped sections. Among the many are the Jôf di Montasio, also wanting via the Pipan ladder, which hangs sheer from the cliff face; Mount Cimone; the Cima di Terrarossa; and the Forca dei Disteis.

Opening period

Malga Montasio is open during the warm months, roughly from June to September. The period may vary depending on weather conditions, so it is recommended to check the actual opening before going there.


PDO cheese production

Montasio, a cheese from Friuli, traces its name from the Montasio plateau, from which it also derives all its distinctiveness. Cows graze the variety of grasses that characterize this place, and the cheese-making process is expertly carried out, managing to keep the aroma and fragrance of these meadows intact.

Hence, the protected designation of origin, which is given to products whose quality characteristics depend on the territory in which they originate.


the montasio plateau

This malga stands among the meadows of the Montasio plateau, one of the most beautiful places in Friuli Venezia Giulia. This is a vast terrace of glacial origin dedicated to grazing cows and goats, located between 1,500 and 1,800 meters above sea level. Everyone, including children, can take relaxing walks in the countryside or embark on the ‘Giro delle Malghe‘ to discover the secrets of the pastures and how cheese is made.

How to get there and where to park

From Chiusaforte follow the signs for Sella Nevea, going up the entire Raccolana Valley, for 18 km. From Sella Nevea follow the signs to the Montasio plateau. Malga Montasio has a convenient and large parking lot about 15 minutes away and a smaller one at the hut.


Yes, through theAlpine Hut Ring, a very beautiful route with no technical difficulties, but 12 km long.

Reaching the G. di Brazzà refuge from the hut is very easy, thanks to an easy walk of about 1 hour.

The paved road to the hut is steep and has several hairpin bends, but it is passable by campers. There are no camping areas; parking can be used for stopping for lunch at the alpine hut.

Contact Malga Montasio

Through this section you can contact Malga Montasio directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Malga Montasio
33010 Sella Nevea
Chiusaforte (UD)

Manager: Association of Breeders of Friuli-Venezia Giulia (AAFVG)

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