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Malga Pramosio

A malga with just everything

About this place

Malga Pramosio is an alpine malga particularly well known and appreciated for its surrounding landscape, agritourism, and its own production of malga cheese. The malga is easily accessible by car and has ample parking. In addition, the surrounding trails skirt dairy farms and glacial lakes. Just everything you need to spend a good day in the mountains.

Why visit



This malga has a large parking lot, a farmhouse with a rich menu, and an outlet to buy cheese. Although quite isolated, it is easily accessible to everyone because of the possibility of getting there by car.


The surrounding trails

From the malga, at an elevation of 1561 m, a very nice trail starts, leading to Cima Avostanis (2193 m) via Casera Pramosio and the impressive Avostanis glacial lake (1936 m).


Pieri's philosophy

Pierino (in Friulian Pieri) is the manager of the malga. We were impressed by his eagerness to give the best service to customers, illustrate the operation of the malga and, at the same time, protect the surrounding nature in a strict and active way.


The malga is located in a fairly isolated place far from urban centers, making it a pleasant place to spend a few hours surrounded by nature. Unfortunately, not far away is a marble quarry, which although hidden and never too noisy, may occasionally make some loading and unloading noises.

Itineraries and routes

If you enjoy walking in the mountains, you can start the ascent that in about 2/2.30 hours of walking reaches Cima Avostanis. From the malga, the trail passes various places of interest both scenically and historically:

  • In those areas is a plaque dedicated to Maria Plozner, one of the many women who sacrificed themselves to bring supplies to Italian soldiers during World War I, who lost her life as a result of a shot by an enemy sniper.
  • During the ascent we also pass the Casera Pramosio, where cows stop to water and spend the night.
  • A little more than halfway along the road, you reach the
    Avostanis glacial lake
    , hidden among the mountain peaks. During the breeding season you can see hundreds of frogs swimming in the water, warming themselves in the sun and playing.


The malga offers many services including an agritourism with local products and cuisine, beds in both dormitories and private rooms, and a commissary where malga products such as cheese, cottage cheese, butter, and yogurt are sold.

Opening period

Due to the heavy winter snowfall that makes the ascent particularly dangerous and many times unusable, the malga is open only in the summer period, roughly from June to September. For more information contact the malga directly.

malga cheeses

During our visit, we were shown the barn with the cows, the milking room, the laboratory where the cheeses are made, processed and aged, and finally the small store where you can buy their products such as butter, cottage cheese, fresh or aged cheeses, and yogurt.

Strict adherence to health standards and passion for production combined with the authenticity of food produced at high altitudes left us pleasantly satisfied.

Getting there

The malga can be reached by car. From Paluzza proceed in the direction of Cleulis and then turn right following the signs for Malga Pramosio. The mostly white road runs through the Pramosio Forest, a beautiful fir forest. There are about 8 km of road with hairpin bends to negotiate. Despite the curves, climb and dust of the dirt road, the surface is well-trodden, safe and trouble-free. Depending on the days of the week and the times of day, you might happen to pass trucks carrying boulders from the nearby quarry.

Upon arriving at the malga, a large parking lot allows for easy parking.


The parking lot is one of the largest seen in an malga. It is the result of the manager’s continuous investment in facilitating and making the malga accessible to all.

Yes, it is true. There is a marble quarry still in operation. Except for some loading/unloading noise and the transit of a few trucks on the road leading to the malga, disturbance to visitors is kept to a minimum.

It depends a lot on the time of year and the days of the week. In general, as can be inferred from the large car yard, it is a well-known, popular and usually quite crowded place. We still recommend a visit, perhaps on a weekday, for both the visit to the malga and the hike to Cima Avostanis.

Contact malga Pramosio

Through this section you can contact malga Pramosio directly. Use it to inquire about services, rates, meal & overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle responses and is not responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Malga Pramosio

Manager: Marino Screm

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