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Malga Priu

And its little pine cone houses in the trees

About this place

Malga Priu is a traditional alpine hut in Friuli Venezia Giulia, family-run and with many animals.

But malga Priu is not just that. A touch of design and modernity identifies this hut that has been able to enhance the natural heritage in which it is located and transform it, without harming the environment, into what are innovative, luxurious accommodations that allow even the less adventurous to explore forest bathing.

These are two beautiful treehouses, “The Pinecones,” as their shape recalls. Each of these cottages can accommodate four people and is equipped with every comfort. Thus, the small hamlet of Ugovizza in the Tarvisio area gives us this surprise hidden in the foliage of the trees.

Why visit


The landscape

Malga Priu is located in a remote place, surrounded by nature, far from population centers and reachable only on foot. Those who also stay overnight can hear, in the silence that lurks in the mountains, the sounds of the forest and its inhabitants.



The alpine hut is family-run, and that is precisely the welcome one receives. Guests at malga Priu, especially if they decide to stay overnight, feel that they are part of a big family, where Guido and Manuel’s friendliness is combined with Mrs. Renata’s excellent home cooking.


Pigna houses

Pigna houses are spectacular tree houses, semi-hidden at the edge of the forest, a short distance from the alpine hut. The Pinecones, suspended at a height of 7 meters, are comfortable and have a modern design, but blend in perfectly with the surrounding nature.


Malga Priu stands solitary amid pastures and forests, framed by the Julian Alps. The alpine hut rises in a clearing and serves as a terrace overlooking the mountains.

The view is exceptional and you can see the Dogna Valley, the Montasio Plateau and many peaks, including Mount Lussari, Cacciatore Peak and Terrarossa Peak.

The landscape is bucolic, and in the quiet of this oasis surrounded by forest, animals grazing can be observed up close.

Itineraries and routes

From this alpine hut, many paths branch off, some of them circular, of varying length and degree of difficulty. For those approaching the mountains and perhaps having a glamping experience in the pine cone cottages, there are also very easy trails that are made on dirt roads that are also suitable for strollers.

From malga Priu, other mountain huts and refuges can be reached, and it is possible to go as far as Austria and forge a few mountain bike trails. A few examples among the varied possibilities are: the Priu malga ring from Val Rauna, the Gortani refuge ring, Sella Bistrizza, and the Nordio-Deffar refuge.

Extremely interesting is the Puanina Tour, the 17-kilometre themed loop trail that links the alpine pastures and mountain huts in the Ugovizza Valley area. Along the trail are numerous blow-ups illustrating forestry and hunting life.


Malga Priu offers food service with 75 seats. The products are local and the traditional Friulian recipes revisited with some references to Austrian cuisine. Reservations are always required to eat at the hut.

The hut offers overnight accommodation with 15 beds divided into 4 rooms.

In addition to traditional rooms, after booking well in advance due to high demand, malga Priu offers the possibility of sleeping in the Pigne, treehouses. The cottages have three floors, lounge area, living area and master bedroom, and are equipped with every comfort. Each cottage can accommodate up to 4 people, as it has a double room plus another room.

Opening period

Malga Priu roughly opens in mid-May and closes in September/October. The opening days are as follows:
– May and June open only on Saturdays and Sundays;
– July and August every day;
– September Saturday and Sunday only.
Reservations are required for lunch at the hut.


Pine cone treehouses

For those who want to sleep in the quiet of the forest, under the starry sky that can only be admired in the mountains, but do not want to give up the comforts of city life, the Pigna cottages at malga Priu are a fantastic choice.

These are beautiful treehouses, suspended 7 meters above the ground, which allow you to relax at the edge of the forest, look out onto the terrace to watch the sunrise and sunset, watch the night sky from the skylight above your bed, and have a glamping experience, or comfort and design in the midst of nature.

Pinecones are not only comfortable, they are also eco-friendly, because they are constructed from environmentally sustainable materials and because, once dismantled, they leave no trace of their passage in the environment. The cottages are equipped with a lounging area, sofa, and a fully equipped bathroom. In addition, at the back, in the privacy of the forest, there are wooden tubs with heated water for outdoor bathing. A tree resort. 

Getting there

From Ugovizza, a hamlet of Malborghetto, go up along the paved Val Rauna road. After a few kilometers, turn left at the sign “Rifugio Gortani and Malga Priu.” Park just ahead at the beginning of the path to the alpine hut.

Malga Priu is easily reached from the forest trail or forest track in 45 minutes. The route is easy and has no technical difficulties but there is still some elevation gain.


Reservations are always required at malga Priu, although a drink and a sandwich are not denied to passing hikers, as the malga has limited places available and many people wish to have lunch or stay in this pleasant place.

Le Pigne are treehouses, equipped with every comfort, that allow their guests a magical forest bathing in the Tarvisio Forest.

As in any self-respecting alpine pasture, there are cows. In particular, at Malga Priu you can see the red spotted cow.

Contact Malga Priu

Through this section you can contact Malga Priu directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Malga Priu
Ugovizza, Malborghetto (UD)

Manager: Renata Tributsch, Guido and Manuel Della Mea

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