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Rifugio Fornas

The new shelter near Tolmezzo

About this place

Fornas Refuge was born from the dream of Anna and Umberto, who are passionate about mountains and refuges, so much so that they decided to open one that was theirs and that represented their love of nature, trekking, the outdoors and good food. April 2022 saw the opening of this brand new lodge, which takes its example from the pre-existing establishments in Friuli Venezia Giulia and adds a modern touch to it, but without forgetting tradition. Attention to detail is also evident from the furniture that is typically mountainous but customized and revisited in a more modern and more functional key. The environment is neat and lively, but also warm and welcoming. A curiosity: originally, the dining room in the secondary building was a stable and the bedrooms were a barn.

Why visit it


New shelter and management

When a lodge is born out of two people’s passion for the mountains, it can only convey a love of mountain life and, from the attention to detail, communicate the desire for hospitality to become its raison d’être.


Near Tolmezzo

The refuge is easily reached by car from Tolmezzo via a convenient paved road in about 25 minutes. This allows anyone to go there for a good Carnic lunch in the coolness of the mountains.


In the green

The Fornas Refuge, although close to the town of Tolmezzo, is located in the peace of a small town, in a green valley with meadowy areas alternating with woods and paths that go up to the alpine pastures and mountain pastures.


The Fornas refuge is located in the small hamlet of Curiedi di Fusea, about 10 km from Tolmezzo. The setting is that of a green valley from which a multitude of trails, all well-marked, depart through the meadows and forests surrounding the refuge.

The setting is that of the Carnic Alps enclosing the Fusea area, a gently sloping basin between Mount Dobis and Mount Diverdalce, connected to the Curiedi Plateau.

Itineraries and routes

Many trails of varying length or degree of difficulty start from the Fornas hut and go up to alpine pastures and mountain pastures or reach some peaks. The best known are the trails to Mt. Cuar, Mt. Verdalce, the Corce alpine hut or the 3 km nature trail Of the Curiedi Peat Bogs.

Cycling enthusiasts should note that there are several routes of varying difficulty in the area.

The managers are knowledgeable about the area, and it is advisable to contact them for information on the feasibility and difficulties that may be encountered on the various routes.


The Fornas hut has an indoor dining area, where you can dine around the lit fireplace, and an outdoor area with tables and benches on the terrace. The lodge offers overnight accommodations with the six two-, four-, five-, or seven-bed rooms equipped with en suite facilities.

Within the large garden is a play area for children, and dogs are also welcome. For reading enthusiasts there is a common room where they can relax with a good book, while, for those on two wheels there is the possibility of renting a bike. In addition, there is no shortage of lounge chairs to enjoy some high-altitude sunshine.

In the area of the lodge, the mobile network has no signal, but the lodge offers room guests the opportunity to connect to free wifi.

Opening period

Since it is an easily accessible refuge by car, the Fornas keeps open year-round. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.

The rooms

The Fornas hut has six rooms, including three with two beds, one with four beds, one with five beds and one with seven beds. Each room has a private en suite bathroom and is equipped with a hairdryer.

This lodge offers a quasi-hotel service, with warm rooms with attention to detail and equipped to refresh the traveler and make him or her feel at home. The view from the windows in the early morning is jaw-dropping; all rooms overlook the mountains, a different panorama in every season.

In addition, upon awakening from the peaceful rest that can only be had in the mountains, the guest, upon descending to the dining room, will find a rich and wholesome breakfast with local homemade products using traditional recipes.

Approach and parking

The Fornas refuge can be reached by driving along an 11-km winding paved road. From Tolmezzo it takes about 25 minutes to get there. Upon arrival, the facility has ample parking.


Yes, that is true, but the lodge provides free Wi-Fi for room guests.

The lodge is run by Anna, who together with the chef, her husband Umberto, has been able to give the lodge a family flavor.

The cuisine at the Fornas refuge is of an excellent standard thanks to the skill of chef Umberto. Among so many good dishes it is recommended to choose the typical Friulian ones, such as toç in braide, cjarsons or frico.

Contact Fornas Refuge

Through this section you can contact the Fornas shelter directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information (management 2022):
Localitá Fornace, 2, 33028 Tolmezzo UD

Manager: Anna Cappello

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