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The nature reserve of

Val Rosandra

About this place

Just 10 km from the city of Trieste, it is possible to immerse oneself in the wilderness of Val Rosandra, a 746-hectare protected area that marks the border with neighboring Slovenia. The nature reserve is characterized by great biodiversity, distinctive climate, and amazing geomorphology.
The Rosandra Valley has always been a destination for hikers, cavers and mountaineers who try their hand at the rock faces found there. The valley is easily accessible and is accessible to all, as there is the possibility of making easy but rewarding hikes.

Why visit


Wild and fascinating

The Rosandra Valley is wild and fascinating: steep cliffs and scree, crags and vertical walls border the paths through the forest, which is dotted with dozens of caves.


Beautiful for walking

Walking in the Rosandra Valley means exploring more or less challenging trails to discover unspoiled nature, part Mediterranean, part pre-Alpine. An immersion in the colors and scents of this enchanting natural oasis.


Near Trieste

Residents of Trieste often travel to Val Rosandra for its landscapes and for the opportunity to carry out walks and hikes. For those visiting Trieste, a walk through the valley’s unspoiled nature is a must.

What to do and see in Val Rosandra

The Rosandra Valley is a land rich in history, and the earliest evidence dates back to prehistoric times. Fresh water and caves that provided shelter brought human presence from the earliest times. Added to this is the border with Slovenia and the proximity to the sea. Fortunately, human presence has always been temporary and has allowed this place to remain intact. Historic remains such as the mills, the Roman aqueduct, the church of Santa Maria in Siaris, the ice storage cisterns, and natural wonders, the waterfall, the caves, the Comici Capstone, the creek and puddles, and many others can be seen.


Val Rosandra

Cascata di Val Rosandra

35 meters of plunge into a crystal clear pool.

Premuda Shelter

A typical lunch in the shade of the trees surrounding Italy's lowest refuge.

Bike path

12 km of track from the heart of the city of Trieste to the unspoiled nature of Val Rosandra.

The village of Bottazzo

Stroll through the quaint village and visit the remains of the old mills.

The Roman aqueduct

Discovering the remains of the Roman aqueduct that supplied ancient Tergeste.

Church of Santa Maria in Siaris

Also called Our Lady on the Rocks, the small church stands solitary among the cliffs.

The old border with Slovenia

A walk in the country close to the former Slovenian border.

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Points of interest

The remains of the Roman aqueduct, the church of Santa Maria in Siaris and the Comici memorial stone, the bicycle path, caves, and all the natural beauty of Val Rosandra.
For further study, the pages on Rosandra Waterfall and Premuda Refuge are noted.

Paths and trails

Among many, they include:

  • the remains of the Roman aqueduct and ancient mill, both visible near the Premuda shelter;
  • the Friendship Trail, CAI 1-ex 13, which leads from the Premuda refuge to the viewpoint over the Rosandra stream waterfall and continues to the village of Bottazzo;
  • CAI 25 and CAI 13 trails, which lead first to the small church of Santa Maria in Siaris, then to the Cippo Comici;
  • CAI trail 39, which leads to Mount Karst and the Bukovec spring;
  • the Foresta d’Acqua trail, which connects Bagnoli to Basovizza, following the places of water: the stream, the ponds, the mills, the caves, and the Jazere di Draga Sant’Elia, cisterns that were used for ice production. The trail is 15 km long, which can be covered in about 5 hours.

Church of Santa Maria in Siaris

Deviating from CAI Trail 1 to CAI 25, one encounters the solitary little church of Santa Maria in Siaris, called, in the Slovenian language, Madonna on the rocks. The road is steeper and more challenging, but it is worth forking it to admire the lovely little church.
Continuing on, the road leads to the Comici cippus, an extraordinary viewpoint.

The Roman aqueduct

The Rosandra Valley has been frequented by man since the earliest times, and the remains of the 1st-century Roman aqueduct can still be seen, among other evidence.
The aqueduct measured 14 kilometers and reached the center of ancient Tergeste, which it supplied until the sixth or seventh century.
Today you can visit its remains near the beginning of CAI trail 1-ex 13.

The village of Bottazzo and the former border

For those who have walked the Friendship Trail to the waterfall of the Rosandra stream, it is recommended to continue to the village of Bottazzo, a very quaint little hamlet. Nearby are the remains of 4 ancient mills, while the old border with Slovenia is located in the village.

The vantage points

Following the Friendship Trail, CAI 1, we soon reach the viewpoint over the Rosandra stream waterfall, sparkling in the sun. Even more impressive, in the coldest winters, is to admire it frozen. Follow CAI trail 25 and later trail 13 to Cippo Comici, which offers a wonderful view of the valley and Mt. Stena. Climbing back up to the bike-pedestrian path, near the toll booth, you can admire the mountainous landscape and the small church of Santa Maria in Siaris. On CAI trail 15, you will come across the Moccò lookout; even from here, the view sweeps over the entire valley.

The bike path

Pedaling or walking along the Giordano Cottur bike/pedestrian path one is amazed to encounter railway stations and tunnels carved into the rock. This is because this particular bike path was set up on the route of the former Trieste-Erpelle Cosina railroad, which was dismantled in 1966.
Another reason to make it special is that starting from the center of the city of Trieste, the bike path leads directly into the unspoiled nature of the Rosandra Valley.
The trail is easy and suitable for everyone, and can also be walked as it has several accesses.
The bike path allows you to stop in Bottazzo or go as far as Kozina in Slovenia.

Services and information

From Trieste, reach Bagnoli della Rosandra by car or city bus. Leave your car at the Bagnoli Visitor Center or, on weekdays, at the Premuda shelter.
The Rosandra Valley is a natural area that, although it has a pre-Alpine landscape, is at an elevation that is not high. Consequently, it is possible to go there in all seasons.
The Rosandra Valley is a protected area that is always accessible. No admission fee is charged.
The area has services such as bars, restaurants, and accommodations in neighboring hamlets (Bottazzo, Bagnoli della Rosandra, Domio, etc.) and all the amenities of the nearby city of Trieste. Val Rosandra has a Visitor Center located in the Multipurpose Center in Bagnoli della Rosandra, which can be contacted for information about the valley and about activities and itineraries.


Val Rosandra is about 10 km from Trieste and can be easily reached by car or city bus.

The Rosandra Valley is famous because it is still a wild and unspoiled environment, but still accessible to humans. It is also located just minutes from the city of Trieste.

The waterfall can be reached in about 45 minutes of walking on an easy path through the forest.

Contact the visitor center

Through this section you can contact the Val Rosandra visitor center directly. Explorer FVG does not handle responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

For information:

Rosandra Valley Nature Reserve Visitor Center
Baths of Rosandra, Boljunec 507
34018 San Dorligo della Valle – Dolina (TS)

Active every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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