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Rifugio Monte Ferro

The forest, fairy tales and the farm

About this place

The Monte Ferro refuge is certainly one of the most striking places in the Sappada landscape and among the most beloved and celebrated places in the area. This refuge has finally been reborn thanks to the efforts of the new managers who have brought it back to life with a major renovation after countless years of neglect. Those who have memories of the liveliness of this hut in the 1980s, when it was also the arrival point of the chairlift and thus the focal point of ski activities, can finally admire it in its new guise, to which is added the title of agritourism. At Monte Ferro, in fact, everything you taste is the fruit of its own production, then of animals raised in the wild, grazing the rich vegetation of these lands. All this under the banner of Sappada’s gastronomic tradition.

Why visit it


Just renovated

The Monte Ferro mountain hut was recently reopened, and the owners decided to give it a new look: modern, yet tied to tradition; comfortable, yet refined. In this guise, there is also a running theme, related to nature and the world of fairy tales, which can be discovered by exploring the lodge.


In the woods among the animals

In the midst of the forest you can encounter the wonderful farm that is the Monte Ferro refuge, with its animals grazing freely. Donkeys, piglets and baby goats, accustomed to the presence of humans, are docile and lend themselves to mutual acquaintance with the visitor.


Sappada cuisine

The long tradition of Sappada cuisine is kept alive by Kirsten, whose delicious dishes are prepared from the farm’s own produce and expertly combined with the herbs and fruits that the surrounding nature provides.


The Monte Ferro hut looms imposingly against the forested backdrop from the scenic plateau on which it stands. Upon approaching the structure, one is immediately struck by the feeling of solidity it conveys and its majesty. The typical 1960s architecture of the building stands out in the surrounding landscape, characterized by the large meadow with animals, the forest, and the surrounding peaks. The view ranges from Mount Iron to the Enghe Ridge, the Big Third, the Middle Third and the Small Third. On the slope opposite the refuge, the peaks of Monte Siera, Creton di Culzei, Clap Grande and Clap Piccolo can be seen.

Itineraries and routes

The Monte Ferro refuge is located in a beautiful location in the middle of the forest, from which there are many trails that allow you to explore this lush area. There are several hikes, and certainly the most characteristic and striking is the one to the
Olbe Lakes
through the forest. From here, add the possibility of descending back to the valley with the Sappada 2000 Chairlift and complete the loop by returning to the hut.

Other opportunities include reaching the summit of Mount Ferro, to which the refuge is dedicated, the
Calvi Refuge
and the
Sources of the Piave River

For enthusiasts, the ascent from Sappada to the refuge with snowshoes is very impressive. It is recommended to contact the hut in advance to inquire about the amount of snow and decide whether to wear snowshoes or crampons.


The farmhouse offers dishes prepared with homegrown, homemade food from traditional recipes. There are 60 place settings inside, in the room with the fireplace, and in summer, more outside on the rooftop terrace.

Monte Ferro also offers overnight accommodations with 17 beds divided into 5 rooms, each with its own facilities.

There is also a small play area outside with a slide and swings.

To reach the hut, there is the option of booking the shuttle service for a fee, which is done by pickup in the summer season and by snowmobile or snowcat during the winter.

Opening period

Monte Ferro hut is open daily from June to September and from December to the end of January. In February, March, April, May, October and November, only on weekends. Opening times and days vary, so it is recommended to contact the facility before going there.

Opening hours are 9/21, dinner is by reservation only. It should be noted that on December 31, the lodge is holding a New Year’s Eve Dinner.


The farmhouse and the interior

Kirsten and Massimo, the owners of the facility, dedicate their lives to lovingly caring for this retreat and are transforming it into an increasingly warm and comfortable place, starting with the care of the interior, perfect in every detail and ready to welcome the visitor as a family. Warming it up, in addition to the fire in the fireplace, will be Kirsten’s special cuisine, which expertly combines farm products with wild herbs in the oldest Sappada culinary tradition. Even for those not staying for lunch, a taste of one of its desserts topped with seasonal berries picked nearby is a must.


The rooms of fairy tales

This lodge has something unique that cannot be found anywhere else, and that, combined with living in the midst of nature and contact with animals, makes for an unforgettable experience for anyone who stays here. These are the rooms, dedicated to recurring themes from the world of nature and fairy tales. The rooms are meticulously detailed, and the furnishings, all different, have been meticulously chosen to match the underlying motif. Just one example is “The Farm,” with animals, painted on the walls, hopping over a fence. To find out about the other rooms, “The Fairies,” “The Herbs,” and “The Mine,” all you have to do is visit the lodge.


Farm animals

The warmth of rural tradition, life in the midst of greenery and love of nature dominate the atmosphere of this place. Already approaching the hut, along the trail, one can make special encounters, a horse, donkeys or a family of piglets. At Iron Mountain, animals graze freely or in a semi-wild state. Visitors can experience the feeling of being in the middle of a large farm, and not only that; they will find happy animals here.

Getting there

In Sappada park near the starting village, free of charge in the village or, during peak season, for a fee in the parking areas.

The hut can be reached from Borgata Granvilla in about 1 h 30 min or from Borgata Bach in 40 min. The climb is simple and free of technical difficulties. The elevation difference is about 300 m.

A pleasant alternative, dedicated to those accustomed to walking in the mountains, is the loop trail that includes the ascent with the Sappada 2000 chairlift and the traverse to the refuge via the Olbe lakes.

For those who don’t want to walk, you can book shuttle service for a fee, with pickup in warm weather or snowmobile/snowcat in winter.


At the Monte Ferro refuge, animals graze freely in the surrounding areas. The visitor gets to be in close contact especially with the baby goats, which are very sociable, and to fully enjoy the closeness with the animal world.

The Olbe lakes can be reached on foot from the hut via CAI Trail 141, which ascends into the forest and then crosses two scree slopes to reach the lakes in about 2 h/2 h 30 min.

Yes, the lodge organizes a shuttle service for a fee, upon telephone reservation. The service is run directly from the lodge and consists of a friendly ascent in a pickup truck or, in case of snowfall, on the snowmobile or aboard the snowcat.

Contact Refuge M. Ferro

Through this section you can contact the Monte Ferro shelter directly. Use it to request information on services, rates, meal and overnight reservations, weather and trail status information, and trails. Remember that with this form you will contact the activity managers directly. Explorer FVG is only an intermediary and does not handle the responses, nor is it responsible for the information exchanged in these conversations.

Contact information:
Rifugio Monte Ferro
Loc. Oschtans, Borgata Lerpa
33012 Sappada

Owner: Kirsten Colle, Massimo Kratter

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